Ugh waste of time 504 mtng today -- one of THOSE teachers

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by TerryJ2, May 23, 2013.

  1. TerryJ2

    TerryJ2 Well-Known Member

    "I don't have time to go around and check on every student!"
    by the way, there are only 10 students in the computer class.
    difficult child signed up to take accounting next yr. She's the teacher!!! I'm going to talk him into something else. It will be a total waste of time.
    I want to throttle her. She doesn't get it. She never will.
    I brought in a ltr from the psychiatric today. Meaningless.
    Only 3 wks left.
    Oh, and I wrote out a check for difficult child to take Algebra II throughout the month of July so he can go into geometry in the fall. He's going to hit the fan.
    Isn't life fun?
  2. Wiped Out

    Wiped Out Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Sorry about the teacher-she definitely sounds like she doesn't get it! I hope it doesn't go too bad when you tell difficult child.
  3. cubsgirl

    cubsgirl Well-Known Member

    Yuck all around. I hope difficult child takes the news well.
  4. InsaneCdn

    InsaneCdn Well-Known Member

    He really needs the protection of an IEP.... but I know you've tried to get that and that hasn't worked either.
  5. Dixies_fire

    Dixies_fire Member

    I'm sorry you are having a rough time. :(
  6. TerryJ2

    TerryJ2 Well-Known Member

    Thank you. husband says it was still worth the mtng because the teachers know I'm watching them, and so does difficult child, and people tend to perform better when they know they're being watched. He's always looking for the pony in the pile of ...