Ugh what a morning

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by SmallTownMom, Dec 16, 2012.

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    Inflexibility has reared its ugly head yet again..... here is my Sunday morning drama....

    Sunday for us has always been a church/family day for us. Today is a little different because it is also our church banquet tonight along with a play that our youth group has put on. My fiance and I have been asked to help with the set up and decorating right after the church service is done. Now I live 20 min out of town so we decided that is was better that we not return home only for an hour just to return back to town.

    I knew that all this would be rough on my difficult child, so like a well organized mom I made a play date for him so he wasn't bored... well wouldn't you know it the play date fell through. difficult child's friend got the flu last night... well..... the world has now ended. Nothing is fun, Nothing is good.... I am NEVER home, "it's like I want to sell my kids and not have them around" .... oh my goodness. I am thankful that I have developed tough skin throughout these past few years.

    Some days it feel like I have walked 2 steps forward and thrown a mile back.... :(
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    The first thing that comes to mind is to hang a for sale sign around his neck. Only kidding! I'm sorry your day isn't going smoothly. Maybe he will get interested if he can help set up?
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    Is this a one time thing or common occurrence? If a latter I would be tempted to be a mean mom and give him what he asks. Tell him I'm sorry if he feels neglected and that I don't spend enough time with him and promise to fix that. And then we would spend time together. Outside of school time and while sleeping, the kid would be ten feet from me at tops. He would do things together with me (and I mean my daily chores), not going to see friends or to his activities etc. Week of that and he may have reconsidered. Of course that is little drastic, but kids learn to be careful what they whine about that way (mine didn't tell me they had nothing to do too often...)

    However I would also consider if his statements have some merit. And with that I don't mean you wouldn't be with him or that you would want to sell your kids (except maybe when he is like this...), but i would consider if his schedule is too busy. Does he have enough quality down time with you and at home? Could it be that he feels that he doesn't have a chance to talk with you about his things in piece? That he doesn't know how to ask you attention in the nice way when he needs it and doesn't feel he is being heard? Could you maybe schedule some routine that would give him a feeling that he has your attention and chance to talk to you? When my difficult child was that age and few years younger (after he started kindergarten), he had difficulties on getting my attention in the way he wanted and needed and to feel he had a chance to talk to me. I created a downtime routine for us. Usually right after a dinner we would go to lay in my and husband's bed, his head usually on my tummy and I would read him a chapter of a book. About ten minutes. After that we would just lay there and maybe talk, if he wanted or just be silent and I would pet his hair etc for other ten to fifteen minutes, longer if needed. Some of the best memories I have with him are from those times. And still it happens that at times we lay down like that and talk.
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    I hope things got better throughout the day! I hate mornings like that, or days, or weeks, or years-Argh!