Ugh!!! What next??

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  1. Well, easy child got into an car accident last night. She was turning from a side street onto a busy street. The busy street has a speed limit of 35mph, but most people probably go at least 50mph. Anyway, She says she looked and the truck was far back and she went to turn and PLOW! The guy said he swerved hoping for HER to miss him. I am pretty sure he wasn't going 35. It appears that the front bumper on drivers side of easy child's car caught the guys passenger door. The guy called the police, easy child called me and I headed out to the accident site which was about 20 minutes at least away from home. It took over an hour and a half for the police to show up. easy child was given a citation for the accident. I am going to be calling the ins. company as soon as they open in a few minutes. The guy has the same insurance as we do. I know we can be thankful that no one was hurt, easy child was very shookup. She just got her license on 7/2. I know it was an accident, and I believe her when she said she looked, she has done really well with driving and usually errors on the side of caution. It's just frustrating because I have no idea what this is going to do to the insurance.

    UGH! As if I don't already have enough stress, depression and everything else going on.

    Thanks for letting me vent.

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    Poor easy child. Kids do seem to get into accidents fairly soon after getting their licenses. Unfortunately it will probably make your rates go up. Glad no one was hurt though.
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    If the damage is minimal it may be better to pay for the damage out of pocket. Then, it won't affect your insurance as much.
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    Glad no one was hurt. And if she normally errors on the side of caution, odds are that guy was going no where near the speed limit. I got hit like that once too. (hadn't been driving long either) Shook me up.

    Hopefully the insurance won't go up much since you both have the same co.

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    Glad no one was hurt!
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    I'm glad they weren't hurt.

    Misjudging speed and distance is a common error. It takes a lot of practice.

    I would suggest after your initial call to the ins. company, that you hand her the ph # and have her finish tying up loose ends. It's part of her "driver's education" now to deal with-ins. My dad had me do that after my first accident. I was so traumatized, I hated him for it and just wanted to put the whole thing behind me, but he was right.

    Again, I'm glad no one was hurt.
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    I am so glad no one was hurt. Give her a hug and be thankful she is just shook up.

    Hugs to the Mommy and her shook up heart too.
  8. Thanks everyone, I got the claim filed this morning and a little while ago the claims office called seeking permission to talk to easy child since she is a minor. They did talk to me about my version of what happened. I asked a few questions and told them I would call easy child to give her a heads up that they would be calling so that she didn't freak out. I probably will have easy child's car fixed without using the insurance. My boyfriend is going to do some checking with people he knows and see what their thoughts are, but he thinks fixing the bumper will be pretty easy. I have a $500 ded. As far as the other guy, it will go against our insurance. The lady from the claims office said at this point the accident appears to be mostly easy child's fault, but they will have a final determination. I really don't know how much it will cost to fix his vehicle, I would imagine probably a couple of thousand.

    easy child has already been trying to find a job before, its hard since a lot of places require you to be 18, but she is trying. I am going to have her at least do something to work off the cost of the ticket and if I do have to pay the deductible she will have to work that off too. She already knows that once she finds a job, she will be paying for all of her gas and 1/2 of the insurance.

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    I'm glad no one was hurt.

    When the insurance calls to talk to easy child stay on the phone - on another extension - and inform them that you will be doing so. She is a minor and that is your right. I did then when easy child was in an accident in April. The questions can be confusing for kids - or anyone who is inexperienced with any insurance and/or legal proceedings - and it's best that you can hear what is being asked so you can clarify things.