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    couldn't find a title that seemed to fit the bill

    ok all weekend long since off medication's argumentative, answering back, sleeping with me, needy can't let me out of her sight, hitting sister, refuses to listen to me, stomping feet slamming doors, tattling on sister trying to cause havoc at every turn.

    only thing that she sits still for so far is webkinz.........yea for them little guys

    inbetween all that cra* got 15 year old pushing to go to superbowl party at friends, after being gone most of weekend, etc. i say you know what no we have plans the 3 of us, etc. we begin to talk about her upcoming mtg at school while by the way difficult child is standing inbetween us interrupting she says once you go to mtg i wont see outside world for a long time.

    i say what do you mean you told me you worked hard on midterms were trying to turn this around wha'Tourette's Syndrome up what am i walking into just own up and spillith. so she does 3 out of 5 mid terms she failed, she's failing all classes in school. i had set up a team mtg. for this thursday at school as soon as i saw she was failing agian.

    my daugther outgoing pretty bouncing tons of friends on phone all the time favorite things her ipod blowdryer straightener and freinds. just to fill you

    now difficult child is trying to get attention she's lost focus for all of ten minutes way too long to loose mom's attention.........ugh

    i ignore her like the loving parent ath i am and continue discussing my 15 year old's failing calm i'm not yelling i'm just discussing.

    she got kicked out of school an accelerated program 2 years ago gpa fell to 70 that was in queens that is why i moved out to island better schools, new surroundings plus there was no other school that would take her in queens grades were too low.

    she failed all of last year while difficult child started getting worse by the minute i was running to dr.s medications etc. (you know how that goes) she wound up in summer school due to her lack of focus and wanting to apply herself no behavior problems really in school to speak of just doesn't care would ratehr be with friends. so i lost it all apt. taht is spent too much on dr bills and here i am living with boyfriend as you all know till i get columbia testing done end of mos. then will sit down calmly and re calculate it all.

    so she's failing horribly i've grounded removed computer put her in lock down taken phone out of wall i've gone far door of bedroom (whole tough love thing).

    so guess what she asks me when shes done??? can i go to the superbowl party????????? LOL

    anyway difficult child at this point it totally hurting for attention so i go downstairs with her and continue making dinner she actually sets table etc. older one comes downstairs and starts yelling at me for not letting her go to party. i very calmly as shes yelling in my face state over and over agian my job is not for you to like me it is to help guide you. right now you are not doing what you need to do for you it is my ojb as your mom to help u and to pull the reigns back when you go too far. i will continue to do so no matter how much you rant and rave.

    so all in all that was my least ther'es never a dull moment....???

    i did do one productive thing this weekend besides this and laundry and cooking and cleaning for them i got a hold of old pyschdoc of difficult child's and spoke with him at length. i trust him he has good feel for her i stopped going to him once i lost all my money he's out of network i asked him if he'd come back on board we have appointment. for 2/11 i have new pyschdoc as well that i put a call into ummm about 4 days ago now regarding her resting heartrate of 155 one night and havent recvd. call back since then .............he agreed to see us to write up brief letter to give to columbia upon testing with other doctor's diagnosis and to also view the recommendations that columbia will write up after testing is complete. so i will have new useless pyschdoc old one, and team at columbia and ofcourse me. i thought that was good the more heads the better, right????

    ok i gotta go she found me in the bathroom sitting on flr with my computer (ok i know totally pathetic) yet thats how it is now i can't beout of her sight for second or be on phone inever make call when she's awake ever i text my freinds family if they need to talk phone calls aren't allowed. my close freind called today to tell me her dad died and i cound't even talk to her for five minutes difficult child was talking interrupting, etc.

    i hope everyone's having a good superbowl night. have a big huge drink for me please......corona with lime works......:)