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    just got a phone call that they are not transporting him all the way up here today they are taking him to the next county and he will stay in the jail there until the JPO sends someone down to pick him up --real jail for my 16 years old difficult child --its not fair or what I was told. He sounds scared and I can't to anything!!!!!!!!:sad-very: What do I do? and of course JPO won't answer my *** phone call.
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    I am sending a sympathetic hug your way. Dealing with "the system" is so stressful on so many levels. I do understand.

    I'm sure you realize that as a parent it is a major bummer to have other in control of your child and his future....especially when they are bungling the job....but the only way to survive is to accept the things you can not change and have hope for the future. I'm sorry. DDD
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    Also sending big (((hugs))) your way.
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    Sending hugs to the entire family.
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    I am sorry he will be in real jail but that is how it is in many places. 16 is the age when quite a few states change from juvenile to adult in the eyes of the law. Most likely he will be kept in a separate area in the jail though. From what I have seen when my son was in the local jail here, the kids under 18 were housed in a separate unit.