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  1. Hi family,

    Hope you all are doing well and swell.

    I am sooooo frustrated, again, with mental health! What jokers. difficult child had psychiatrist appointment for the 20th of this month. They call about a month ago to cancel, psychiatrist moved on and they are waiting for new psychiatrist. THEY will call me back for an appointment soon. OK waited patiently, no call. A few days ago I realized she was getting low on her medications and 1 didn't have refills. Called pharmacy, only filled Abilify.

    OK, THEY are the ones who switched her medication to Lamactil and THEY won't refill till she has an appointment. Of course I find this out too late to call them yesterday. So, this morning, first thing i called, "well Mrs W, difficult child hasn't been seen for over 4 months and new psychiatrist won't ok refills for medication until she is seen."

    Oh man, look out Warrior Mom is now on a rampage! I said, you do realize Miss Houghty Toughty nurse, that Lamactil is now the only medication difficult child has for seizure coverage and she is OUT of medications and the appointment isn't till the 23rd of May?!?!

    Well, nurse said let me talk with psychiatrist again and get back to you. Will this be today, I asked, because if it isn't and she has a seizure, I will be most unhappy! erg!

    Pharmacy just called, amazing...Lamactil is ready to be picked up.

    County Mental health just irks the heck out of me. This happens at least several times a year, I am not joking. I wish I could stock-pile a few of her medications for these times.

    Wonder how many more new psychiatrists we will have to deal with. Just can't keep them longer than about 6 months. Hoovers, big time!

    Vent over!
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    You have every reason to vent! I'm glad you ended up with the Lamictal!