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  1. Shari

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    I'm trying to keep my cool.

    We are going on our adult only trip this weekend. husband has actually been working on getting the camper ready (make sure the hitch and lights work with the new truck, checking the a/c, etc.) Great. A step in the right direction.

    Last night, he pulled it to the house, plugged it in, planned to turn on the a/c and carry out his clothes, etc. And this is where I'm attempting to not lose my cool.

    Our house is ancient. was moved to its current location in 1905, pulled by ox. I have pictures. It has 60amp service to the house. That's less than half of most new houses, so we have to be aware of what we are running at any given time. Especially in the summer with the a/c going inside.

    The shop is even lower, and I think just last year, we lost both deep freezes. We had the electric company come out and they determined they died from low voltage, and said the way the service was wired to the shop, it might support 2 deep freezes if nothing else was running, but he'd be much more comfortable with 1. So, we rushed around and found 2 small deep freezes for next to nothing that bought us time to get a bigger one. We got the bigger one just before my accident, so its just been sitting out there, not plugged in, waiting for someone to transfer stuff from the little ones to it.

    A couple weeks ago, apparently, husband plugged it in and started putting stuff in it, but quit. So I find out now there are THREE deep freezes running in this shop, in addition to all the cordless battery chargers plugged in and a light he leaves on all the time.

    So what does he do? He brings the camper down and PLUGS IT INTO THE SHOP, TOO!!! And when he does, he starts throwing breakers. When he finds a plug in that doesn't throw the shop breaker, it starts throwing the breaker in the camper, and he starts tearing into the wiring box in the camper deeming it the problem, when he knows dang good and well he's not plugged into a usable electric source.

    And when I said something about the electric, and low voltage, and the electrician's advice, etc? He threw everything on the ground and stomped off yelling how he can't do anything right for me.

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    I hate to say this out loud...and no offense to those men who are in touch with their feminine side (or ruled by their wives - my personal envy)....but he's a man. Exactly as you describe what happened is exactly how my H would have responded! Hahaha. EXCEPT, that my would have transferred all the stuff from the small double freezers to the one large by now. He would have been nagging at me the entire time because I didn't do it and then he'd nag me about getting rid of the small two, but he would have done it.

    ncidentally, H and I are also going away for an adult weekend, just the two of us. As the day we leave looms closer, H is behaving as one does before root canal. The man hates to miss one day of work. Sickening.

    I hope you have fun on your trip - anyway!
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    It's not YOU - it's the fact that he's upset with himself.

    However, I also have to mention that the counselor wanted you to call him out whenever he screws up... If someone constantly told you what you were doing wrong, would you be a little testy, too?

    on the other hand - you didn't mention if you are also telling him when he gets stuff right. I had to work on this one.
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    What in the ????

    I think I would have lost it by now. Having lived in an older house at one time - I know what you're talking about with the careful use of electricity. It's upsetting enough when someboday makes an honest mistake and blows a breaker - but how can someone be this dumb???

    And if he NEEDS that much electric in the shop (and he might - no arguing that) then he's got to make the investment in upgrading the current electrical system. If he cannot (or will not) then he NEEDS to follow the guidelines that common sense dictate....and that has absolutely nothing to do with Shari or Wee or anybody else that lives is what it is. If you have an electrical system that cannot handle modern make arrangements or you ruin your equipment.

    Again--HOW can he be that DUMB and THEN try to blame another person???
  5. Shari

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    I didn't say he did it wrong, tho! That's what makes me go UGH. I just suggested maybe trying another outlet before he tore the wiring apart in the camper (cause remember - we just sent his truck to the shop to be rewired when he attempted to do it...) because, remember, the electrician said it wouldn't carry the load that's already on it...

    (and yeah, Step, I praise him. You hear the Jeff Foxworthy thing about the wife repaving the drive and the husband coming out and yelling "I got that ashtray in the den, honey! You don't need to worry about that! Did it for you!!!!" Yeah, drives me nuts, but I do it. I feel like I'm training a puppy. And I "sandwhich" my gripes. "I really appreciate that you____; could you also do _____?")
  6. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    DF, for sure before we leave on our trip, I have to get the freezers combined. Just what I wanted to have to worry about. not.
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    My husband loses something, or messes up something and the first thing out of his mouth is about how it's my fault. Today at 5:30 am he was looking for his reading glasses, freaking out about how he just bought a 3-pair pack at Sams, and I lost them ALL! I have a couple weeks off from work, I'm in bed, but here he is yelling, I don't even know what he's talking about. Later I found the entire package, never opened, in his drawer! Why is everything our fault???? MEN! We have to ignore them, they don't listen to reason.
    They want to get mad at themselves, so they really should. I think they're all alike! Have fun on your trip, once you get on your way you'll leave all your worrys behind! (that is until you get there and husband realizes YOU lost, or forgot to bring, his important thing!) MEN!
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    Wow. I'd be ticked, too. My house isn't that old (1918, updated sometime in the '50's), but we have to be careful with wiring etc. as well.
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    He at least unplugged it last night. Yay for him? I dunno...I'm so tired. lol Because whenever anything goes wrong, he comes running to me to fix it. He's like another child. And he gets irritated with Wee for being "too needy". WTH, Wee's single digits, while he's 45. Sheesh.

    And he made cgfg clean up the house. she had a friend over for a couple days and they trashed the place. He made her fix it. That was bonus.