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    difficult child just called. He said that re-entry lady came and talked to him again yesterday and had another lady with him. He said that re-entry lady asked him about acedemic goals, told him he'd been accepted into theirprogram but said it didn't necessarily mean he was going to group home then asked his thoughts about it (he told her he thought he'd be too stressed out in group home and wanted to come straight home), and she MADE IT SOUND LIKE WHAT I'D TOLD HIM ABOUT ALL THIS GOING ON WAS A LIE! Somewhere in that converstaion he also mentioned that he'd NEVER had one face-to-face meeting with his PO. Now, is something wrong with this when I've had to see PO every 90 days face-to-face or I'm subject to court action?

    Yep, ok, so maybe that was just my difficult child and not anything this lady did. But I don't believe that. I told difficult child if I was lieing to him, I sure as heck wouldn't be paying an attny to look into things.

    I ask difficult child to describe lady that was with her. It fit the description of PO's super. He said she didn't say anything and just sat there and listened.

    So, what's with a "needed" videoconference next week? How come my attny had no clue about this meeting yesterday? What's with the attempted parental alienation by the people in csu?

    My gut feeling- call it what you want- is that the csu people don't give a **** about this kid learning not to be aggressive toward me.

    If I hear the buzz words "unitified front", "work WITH a parent", etc one more time, I might just lose it on these people.

    And- difficult child says the early release is off the table- his behavior counselor there in Department of Juvenile Justice made a mistake on her calendar. I started going off about that and he replies " it's no one's fault, it was just a simple mistake". I'm telling you, sometimes I think this kid has the patience of Job and I'm tthe one about to blow a gasket for them bringing these 'possibilities' up only to be disappointed.
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    Unitified... I'm reminded of the chick on The Finder that says things like that and have to laugh. Then I wonder if it's their word or if you're that flustered, and guess that one is as likely as the other.

    Messy situation, hope atty can sort it out and gives them heck for it.
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    my word, this is the worst rollercoaster ride ever! how unfair
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    They seem to be doing their damnedest to undermine you, k.

    :sigh: I wish I had some answers...
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    Aaargh! How frustrating.
    Many hugs.
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    Oops...yes, it was supposed to be 'unified font'- and by csu's definition, that means I agree with them no matter what they say but they over-ride me.

    I'm curious about who the other lady was- maybe it was someone re-entry had recently hired.
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    They are not being fair to either you or your son. I'm so sorry.
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    This is really bothering me today. They had said if difficult child was going to GH that he'd be interviewed again by reentry lady to see if he qualified. Yet, difficult child said this was more like a chat and that she told him he wouldn't necessarily be going to GH. They just seem so manipulative and sneaky to me.

    And WTH do they think I'm lieing about- or did they just want difficult child to think I'm lieing to him?
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    How old is your son, klmno?
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    He turns 17 next mo.
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    I bet it was that supervisor. The whole thing is manipulative and feels like he is just an end to their means