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    Based on the book "Cutting Myself in Half", my family and I are playing the Ultimate Fitness Game.

    We've been playing for 8 days and it has been great!

    Each person has a game card with little boxes. In each box is something that person has to eat that day ( six boxes for grains, 4 for veggies, 2 for fruit, etc.) and 8 boxes for water, 3 boxes for chores and 3 boxes for homework/studying. [You make your own card based on your own goals.]

    On the back of my card is $2,000 (representing 2,000 calories), I must "buy" my food based on its calorie count. If I have "money" left at the end of the day, I can buy dessert. If I don't, then no dessert :(

    This has been amazing! I stick everyone's card on the fridge and the kids will look at their cards before they get a snack to try and fill up all their boxes and win their day!

    So far...I have lost 5 pounds.
    ....Eeyore has learned about true portion sizes
    ....Piglet is eating a more balanced diet
    ....Tigger is trying foods that he refused before so that he can get his box (with his food issues, one bite is a serving!)

    We even went on a mini-vacation this weekend and I carried my game card with me!
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