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    well, whew! Ultrasound looks good. Says easy child is almost 9 weeks along, single baby, looks fine. STRONG heartbeat, we got to hear it today, even tho she is not quite 9 weeks.
    easy child has lost almost 30 pounds in less than 3 weeks, and she was not big to start with at all......BUT she is now only having vomiting in morning, and less nausea thru the day. She is much more animated, fels much better, looks very very much better. Yes, she got to see Dr Z today and will see Dr Z again in 2 weeks.....and was released back to work for Sunday coming up.
    BUT the weridness of them NOT looking at chart continues, the nurse was saying PCs weight is "nice" and I said um, maybe YOU think so but it is DOWN 30 pounds in less than 3 weeks, I do not find THAT all so "nice" Then she told easy child "oh, well you need to eat" and I said well, she does, but it comes right back out, she has been in and out of hospital becuz of it and nurse said "Oh" Then Dr Z thought since the ultrasound was only yesterday, the report would not be there, but I said well maybe it is, and it was. <sigh>

    While we were in dr office, wicnurse called, and now SHE is REALLY ticking me off beyond belief. SHe left a voicemail saying she was coming to do home visit NOW.......um, scuse me? I told her NO, first off it was NOT scheduled this week, I told her that and reconfirmed it in wic office yesterday, easy child was far too ill to cope with her baloney.....and then I cancelled the upcoming scheduled home visit for July 24. I was so mad at how she acted, how shebehaved and the errors in the appointment etc.....BUT I had said at the very first visit, no, no inside home visit BECUZ husband and difficult child both have strong serious stranger anxiety......cannot tolerate someone in the house here....and they both have strong agoraphobia and leaving the house is not an option, and husband is not physically well enough to ship him out. Well at first wic appointment, they had said OK..they would just meet easy child in yard....and then they said it would be July 24, but then they wrote on paperwork June 24, and then this nurse called Mon and said it was THIS week.....

    Forget it. I do not like this nurses methods, her bullyishness, her meanness and her demanding ways. So, I told easy child I am prolly gonna blow it, and maybe she will lose WIC..but I am gonna tell them to forget it..this is MY home, my house...my family. I can provide anything for easy child that she might get from WIC. I can buy milk, eggs, cereal, juice. I am a nurse. I had 3 kids and breastfed all 3 a full year.....BUT I do wonder-----they are so concerned with confidentiality, but....they are gonna forecefully against my desire, push into our home? What if easy child did not want to tell us she was preg? How would easy child explain to us this nurse being in our home? Yes, husband knows about the baby.he is ok with it.......BUT haveing a stranger in our home will disrupt him, destabilize him, and I just do not feel like haveing the extra work of soothing his ruffled feathers from a home visit from a nosey nurse. Nothing here has threatened anyone or anything. No accusations have been made about us, no apparent obvious risks here....my kids are mostly fine. They have plenty to eat, they are clean and well groomed and nicely dressed. They for sure get plenty of medical attention. No police activity is occureing.....things are calm enough, and I wish to keep them that way. so, nope, I do not want wics visiting nurse here. easy child might be only 18, but.....I am NOT. Phooey.

    But yes, the good news is that easy child does seem to be leveling off and holding her own, now, and she is going back to work, too. ANd the baby appears to be just fine. WHEW and YAY!
  2. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Nods head up, rolls up sleeves, pounds right hand repeatedly into left hand -

    Youze guys wants I should come up dare and say - You know - have a "talk" wit this woman? (shrugs shoulders repeatedly, nods head to right)

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    ROFL, star, I love you, man! :) (my eyes twinkle in merriment)
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    I do understand wic nurse has to do what she has to do, and that there are rules and policies etc.....I am willing to compensate to easy child for loss of wic.....I have to do what I have to do, too, for the good of everyone in our family and home.
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    Glad things seem to be on a good road. You sound excited about being a Grandma!!

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    Yeah, I am..a new baby to cuddle and play with and all, yes, I am excited. :) easy child thinks it is funny.....she keeps teaseing me. I am SO relieved she is doing better. We have been looking at new updated covers for the family bassinet......how fun. :)
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    I'll join Star, and we'll give the nurse a good 'ol workover over. :D

    Thrilled to hear easy child's morning sickness is becoming more in the morning instead of all day and night. (I'm sure she is too!) Sounds like your easy child and mine are at almost the exact same point. And my easy child's morning sickness is also starting to wain.

    What is the purpose of WIC nurse visiting the house? If they were supplying food to little ones I might understand, but I don't see the purpose for a preg female living at home. And I don't recall them doing it back 20 odd years ago when I was on it for the kids while living in Illinios. Must be one of those PITA policy changes. ugh

    Here WIC doesn't do home visits at all. Good thing as I wouldn't let them in the door.

    Oh, well, when nurse does come....Star can come up for vacation, and I can pretend to visit my Mom, and we can help you readjust her attitude.

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    Sounds like mostly good news with some annoyances (tho big ones) thrown in!

    Thansk for the update.
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    yeah wic did not do home visits here for us, either and my son now 13 had wic till he was 5. So, itmust be new? My friend in MN tho- I think wic did visit her house? her kids are younger than mine....

    I will be watching for you guys Friday.....LOL- I did call wic to try to find out the role of the wic nurse who comes to homes, but, got voicemail and noone has called back, yet. I am guessing maybe they want to make sure the house is good for a child....safe environment, whatever..enough food etc, BUT -----I think if you LOOK at my kids, you can see they want or need for nothing.well, except better docs and nurses? LOL_ and wic is who advocates for our doctor anyway (altho that is not how we chose this doctor, she has always been our doctor) and since wic nurse had NO input on PCs hyperemesis, who needs her, anyway, LOL.so come on over and we will adjust her attitude.
    Hmm, wonder if my age is showing? My grandparentedness rather than my motherness? My house, MY rules, and she is not invited. and if she does not like it (the nurse) well, I COULD kick easy child out.....(altho between you and me, I WON'T) Dont we have a right to refuse treatment, and I do not know quite what "treatment" she is thinking of delivering, anyway? Oh- "risk assessment" maybe? but noone has any concerns there might BE a risk, here. And there is NO valid cause to BE concerned there is a risk here. Phhoey.
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    I dont know why WIC would do a home visit either. They dont here. Heavens they wouldnt have the time. I think a social worker sometimes does a home visit after a baby is born to a new mom if the hospital has any concerns and the mom is on medicaid...but I have only heard of that being done recently and it didnt happen with my grand daughter but with a friends baby and those folks did drugs. Of course, Keyana was a second child for the mom.

    Honestly I wouldnt give up the WIC though. If they have to come out and say Hi and see that you all really do live there...which is probably what the visit is for...I would allow it. WIC is valuable and you are on a fixed income and you just never know if your daughter is going to be able to breastfeed. Formula is so expensive. Even the food they give is worth something especially these days.
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    Dreamer, Glaad easy child is doing better. Docs do NOT want to go through a chart - they want to read the top page and maybe one other, in my humble opinion. That is why it is so important to take a family member with you to the doctor!

    Call the Wic office and get the head person, and ask for the STATE WIC office #, or find it on the web. Then call and ask why home visits are done. Our WIC has NO time to do home visits, nor are they interested. Ex sister in law ran Wic for years in a nearby county, and has a friend running our area Wic. Home visits are NOT done at ALL. So ask the STATE level about this bully. Maybe that will change. because later WIC will pay for formula if easy child has to go back to work and can't find work that will support breastfeeding. It can add up to a LOT of $$ then. And easy child can apply THEN. The rules allow it.

    Just remember, WIC is not just a county program. There is someone above this bully, you just have to find her!

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    I talked to my supervisor today about my now peer.....yup- I picked up MY employee badge for county health dept today.
    I also talked with easy child.broke my heart to have to talk to her about it, she has her hands full being ill and all, and trying to rcover so she can go to work this weekend. I resent the nurse pushing on ill easy child for the visit, and necessitating my talk with easy child. I assured easy child I can provide for her and baby and am more than willing. It was wrong for this nurse to barge in when easy child is so ill........no regard for PCs health, no regard for her schedule, nothing......The idea of the visit was stressing easy child.....she naps hard dureing day at the time the nurse wanted to come.....but the talk with easy child was also stressful for her, upsetting.she did not want to rock the boat. But easy child was also stressing over the disruption on her dad.and the commotion that could cause. We called to cancel tonite and to say we will pull out of wic for now..........BUT knowing the nurse, she is not going to accept this. easy child said if the nurse does not accept it, she is gonna tell the nurse she is moving out, and it is nurses fault.....and she will take her things and go to her bfs family for awhile. I told easy child I do not want her to go anywhere, she is too sick, she does not feel comfy at bfs house and noone is there to keep half an eye on her. easy child has been saying she does not want to go to BFs house.......so- I resent that poor easy child would feel like she HAD to. If easy child really wants to, thats fine, but.....I am not gonna stand for some weird bullying nurse to push my child out of her home. This nurse showed no regard for how ill easy child is.......and was rather unprofessional re the date of the visit etc. I had a call in to the office - but noone ever called back, altho I did not state my exact business....I left a rather generic message.......but I do still plan to talk to nurses supervisor. and or someone higher up.
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    Well it is good to know that everyone is still hanging in there- baby included!! It is so esciting to hear that heartbeat for the first time! Baby must really be a fighter- wonder where he or she get that from? LOL!

    It sounds like you will need to keep up a good fight throughout the entire pregnancy..what a battle- you and easy child should be able to just sit back and enjoy this time buying baby clothes, prepare everything else, and anticipating the big arrival. What a PITA to have to struggle for a dr and nurse to gave a darn.

    I think I would try to keep the wic, too, though. So, if nurse comes and easy child is sleeping, can you just say "hi, sorry, she's asleep right now, trying to get over being sick because she can't get any relief from the dr's"?
  14. klmno

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    Oh- wait- did you say YOU are working for the health dept. now?? HUMMMM....
  15. dreamer

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    I used to work for them, for 10 years, but different dept. Then I got sick and did not work at all. Now I am a volunteer nurse for disaster relief thru our county health dept, have been since Nov, but just got my ID badge today. :)
  16. TerryJ2

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    just got my ID badge today. :)

    Wow, after reading all that, what a surprise to hear what you accomplished. It's rather amusing to imagine what the nurse will say when she finds out.

    Best of luck. I am so sorry about your daughter's wt loss, but very glad the dr said all was well.