Unbelievable law making it's way through here!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Tiapet, May 2, 2012.

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    I showed you a site the other day that was showcasing some of the unbelieveable laws that are happening here. Well it left out one that the TN senate has passed (updated too) to include this.....ready for this. I promise you most likely will find this just as unbelievable....

    Handholding as a gateway to........just go to link because I want you to read it for yourself.

    I like living here for a bunch of reasons but some of the most ridiculous laws that are happening her are a real embarrassment and shame to me of being here as well. It is NOT a very progressive state at all.

    If you are not aware of some of them, take a look. Not sure if we are the worst. If we aren't, we sure must be close!
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    That's sick. Sex is a natural thing, it follows a natural progression...what is WRONG with those people?! I think I might be inclined to move, Tia...I'm so sorry. Isn't everything a gateway to the eventuality of sex?
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    How ridiculous! What about elementary and preschool age kids who will end up having wrong ideas put in their heads as a result from this? #1- they are then forced to think about a sexual connection when they wouldn't have otherwise and #2- how emotionally healthy is it to act like future sex (as in when they are an adult) is taboo- like drug usage or something. I wish they'd get more worried about violence then sex. When my son was younger I always said I was more worried about violence because i expected him to grow up and have sex someday- I don't expect him to grow up and shoot someone.
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    I firmly believe the whole country has gone stark raving mad. This is just one example. We have laws protecting the unborn before they are even conceived, laws being struck down that were put in place to protect abused women, laws saying that corporations are people, etc. There is a huge absence of common sense out there. I have my own ideaa about what some of the bases of this might be but I'm not going to get into it here as it might be construed as being political However, it doesn't matter what party you are or what religion you are, it's not too hard to see that a lot of people in this country have gone off the deep end and if the rest of us don't stand up and start raising bloody he!!, we're all going to be without our basic rights and freedoms.
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    I couldn't agree with you more, MM. I think this has been gradually transpiring over the past 15-20 years, unintentionally but still, and I, too, have to be careful how much I express my opinions about it all.
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    Well Scopes was right - You can't teach evolution of ANY kind to the Tennessee legislature. Even though he did win - it's apparent he taught them and their ancestors NOTHING. Nope no evololution there. The ONLY advantage here that I can see is that there MAY be less procreation of those types of Stepfords.....I mean Tennesseans.
    AND DANCING IS THE DEVILS FOLLY - so prom will be out next - and then they'll be burning books......and crosses on the lawn....and....
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    What kills me about it all is that I grew up iin the era where people fought for civil rights- racial issues, women's rights, domestic issues, minorities in the workforce, getting required religious courses out of k-12 public schools, etc, only to end up a 50yo and see every darn one of them dwindling back down so much that now local government employees (sd, juvy POs, etc) are "allowed" to tell parents how to raise their kids. Excuse me- but isn't my tax money going to pay their salaries? Is anyone paying me to raise my kid? Not that I expect anyone to but darnit people, these local government employees are here to support the typical American family (which pays taxes to support that), not the other way around. in my humble opinion, and I'll stop after this so I don't risk board slapping- the state and local governments have secured too much power to do this koi- what happened to our federal laws that were supposed to prevent any local/state gov from intruding this much on how parents want to raise their kids and other civil rights?

    And WTH happened that my generation, who grew up in that era, ended up with adult kids who are now making and passing these laws when I can't fathom that "we" raised our kids to think this way? Who are these aliens that took over my country and WTH is voting for them? LOL!

    I'll just continue to advocate for people voting responsibly- at ALL levels of elections- don't pass any of them up, learn what people running for election intend to do, and vote for what you want to see not just for another buck in your pocket. This is what this country is about, in my humble opinion. Vote responsibly, campaign for good people running, run yourself if you can, etc.
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  9. Tiapet

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    That's the thing Witz, it's NOT working, especially here and someone made a point of saying this that they need to fix it and promote awareness of protection to prevent the highest rates of pregnancies from 12 yo's !! on up. That is really more important right now but they won't have it.

    This is exactly why I really don't want to put down "roots" at this moment because I'm not liking where this is headed and though, for the moment, I'm locked in here, I'm not locked permanently. I just don't know where else I want to be as everywhere has issues of some type I've found. NC was second better as far as contentment but not quite as affordable (but had definite other pluses).
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    Sorry, but TN is about as locked into those issues as you're going to get. Unless you'd like to try OK...
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    No, I meant I'm locked into living here for the time being. Just not permanently. Yes, I think this state has the most severest issues from what I can. Some states have issues but just not so darn many like here! lol

    We're more liberal of a family in our thinking all the way around and in tolerance of most everything. We'd certainly be black sheeps. I know oldest difficult child can not stand being here so I know as soon as she is of sound mind and ability, she's out of here for certain.

    Unfortunately there is always some kind of trade off in living. Cheaper living means trading it for something somewhere. It's just what and where you are willing to put up with and for how long. Right? lol
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    I live in Tennessee too :bag: and I'm sorry to admit it but they've come up with a few things that were even sillier than this! I firmly believe that they dream up this nonsense to distract the public so they won't notice that they're not dealing with the real problems like high unemployment and budget issues! They seem determined to make it look like everyone in the whole state is a bunch of damn fools ... no, it's not everybody, just the legislature! Who could ever forget the "road kill" law ... yes, folks, you can no longer peel that dead possom off the pavement, cook it and have it for dinner- that's illegal now! The media had a real field day with that one! But what they really did with that law is to put a stop to the decades-long practice of deputy sheriff's salvaging usable meat from deer that have just been hit by cars. They would take freshly killed deer to a processing plant to be butchered and the venison would be distributed to the schools, the county nursing home and the food bank programs - can't do that any more. Good work, folks!

    Ah, yes, our state legislators are a highly esteemed bunch! We're so proud! They just succeeded in weakening the civil service system so badly that it will be easier than ever to hire friends and relatives for state jobs. One lady from a powerful political family was elected after her brother was forced out of office and sent to prison for his business dealings and taking bribes. He also was known to take pot shots at other vehicles while driving down the interstate but they never got him for that. When the sister took office she was only there a short time before being out for months ... medical problems (rehab)! She fell off of a bar stool while drinking her lunch - she claimed it was soup but most people don't go to a bar to eat soup! And then there was the story on the news just the other day ... they showed the legislature ready to take a vote on a critical issue and at least a third of them weren't even there! They all have those things on their desks with the buttons they push to vote "yes" or "no"on the bills. And they showed one guy (not sure now who he was) who got up and was pushing the buttons on all the empty desks, voting for the ones who didn't bother to show up! He voted at least 15 times - they have video of him doing it! And he had a long STICK in his hand and if he couldn't reach the buttons comfortably, he'd lean over and push the buttons with his stick! I swear! And when the reporters asked him about it, he acted very highly offended that they had the audacity to question him on it! I'm sure that Tennessee isn't the only state to have elected officials like this but we do seem to make the news more often.
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    And I thought VA was bad. If I didn't have such a great job and great friends here, I'd be tempted to move myself.

    I feel for you.
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    OMG, Donna. That is one of the craziest things I've ever heard of. Probably it happens elsewhere too. Sigh. DDD
  15. AnnieO

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    We are in LOTS of trouble then...

    Because we hold hands when we give thanks for our meal... Me, husband, my parents, my kids... And... When crossing the street... Uh oh...

    How stupid. BREATHING is a gateway to sex.
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    I don't know if anyone else watches Stephen Colbert on Comedy Central but he had a great time with the hand-holding thing! He was saying that hand-holding is not really the gateway to sexual activity. Everybody knows that the real "gateway"between young people is eye contact! So apparently the legislation didn't go far enough and should have included making eye contact between students of the opposite sex against the law. But then allowing eye contact between students of the same sex could possibly be construed as promoting and encouraging homosexuality! This goes right along with the proposed "butt-crack" legislation that would make it against the law for students to wear sagging pants that revealed their butt cracks or underwear! Seems that this would be something that would be covered by the school dress codes which they already have. No need for a LAW that would only regulate what they wear to school, nowhere else!

    You know your state legislators sound like a bunch of real goobers when you hear them being discussed by Stephen Colbert, John Stewart and David Letterman!
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    What got me on that was where they were discussing the law on having miscarriages made illegal. Okay folks, exactly how do you stop someone from having a miscarriage? Isnt that a natural bodily function that just happens. And now they are going to slap you in jail for murder on top of it! Oh joy, I sure am glad I have had my uterus removed.
  19. donna723

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    I heard that too and I wonder what idiot came up with that! That brilliant idea just had to come from a man! Considering that the percentage of pregnancies (especially first pregnancies) that end in miscarriage is so large, there wouldn't be enough jails and prisons to hold us all!
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    Aw, Crazy, you stole the words right out of my mouth--uh, keyboard.
    I agree that this is a huge distraction from real issues. They should be voting on the budget and working on infrastructure. But at least this will give voters a chance to get out the vote next election period--assuming there are better candidates running.