Unbelievable-Vampire News

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Jody, Aug 19, 2011.

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    Oh boy! Get ready for more book burnings! :groan:
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    There always have been and always will be crazy, evil people out there who do bad things. They are always influenced by the culture they live in. In early Salem they were influenced by the ministers who preached against witchcraft. During the Spanish Inquisition they were influenced by the church. In some Muslim countries they are influenced by radical Islam. Those were extreme cases but they illustrate the point. We have to remember, it's not the fault of the culture; it's the fault of the people doing the bad things.
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    It also sounds more mental-illness based than culture-based.
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    Sounds like both to me. I just can't watch vampire movies or werewolf's, they just freak me out and I don't want to dream about them. I wonder if he really believed what he was saying or just wanted to be a vampire. Ugh, either way.
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    Mental illness based for certain, probably the focus was influenced by something he read. However, that influence could have been anything and still caused a similar episode, or worse. He could've been influenced by the Bible into violence, doesn't mean what he read is the cause.
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    Book burnings, indeed!

    I agree, this is definitely mental illness. Luckily in this case, he had no "teeth" so the victim escaped unharmed. (Boxer shorts? Hissing and growling?) The other victims several yrs ago, who had their throats slashed, mental illness and murder, either way, warranting that the killer be locked up for life.

    I agree, that young people are drawn to the Twilight series and to the vampire genre because they feel like outsiders. In that regard, it's sort of a stage they go through. Poor Anne Rice. Her novels really fed into the "new" stories, and she gets blamed for this. She actually had a basis for good and evil and deep character sketches.
    I'm sure some of you have seen the trailers for the new movie coming out. Rapid-sequence camera shots, overdone set design, ugh. No think-piece, for sure.
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    He should be check for mental illness.
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    Oh, I'm sure he will have an evaluations, Uriel. Breaking into someone's home wearing only boxer shorts was just the tip of the iceberg.