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Here we've been doing our best to find homes for the bunny and puppy Nichole brought home without permission......

And this morning husband puts the dogs out. In our yard is a playhouse for the grandkids. Out of the corner of his eye husband sees something peeking out of the open door of the playhouse. When he goes to inspect, suspecting some small critter, he discovers the most pathetic pooch in the world. The tiny dog huddles in the corner of the house and cries and shakes.

First thing husband does is come wake me up telling me we have a "situation" in the backyard. I'm thinking of every worse case senerio my sleep grogged brain can come up with. Then I see the tiny dog. OMG the smell was enough to make me vomit. The little dog who was positively thrilled to see ME had me wretching. She reeked of feces and urine, and was covered in it. Her long fur was a tangled disaster, and she has no hair on her tail at all.

I picked up the poor thing while trying hard not to breath and took her to the safety of the front porch. Our dogs wouldn't hurt her, but they were scaring her even more. Nichole opened the front door and in she went. :faint:

First course of action was a quick bath so we could stand to be within 50 yards of her. We soaped her down twice. I hate to say it but she still smells of feces and urine, although much improved. Her claws have grown under her pads and she's missing bottom teeth. A scar tells us she's been fixed. She has probably lost weight, but isn't really underweight.

Now because of her current coat condition I can't be sure of the breed. Definately a toy breed, looks like either a pekinese or Yorkie. Someone butchered her front hair that would cover her eyes.

Once bathed we fed her canned dog food. She seems to be house trained. She's calm and very loving, doesn't seem to mind kids or other pets. (but could be just too exhausted to care) Odd thing is that she seems to have attached herself to me. And I don't really like these types of dogs. :hammer:

We just found the bunny and puppy homes and now this. We called the pound, humane society, looked in all the area papers and the only dog of this type missing is a male. Human society and pound thinks someone just dumped her off. Lucky us.

She's in such bad shape that I'm going to try my best to get her into the groomer's tomorrow. Looks like they may have to shave all the matted hair off. Nichole is going to get pics of her before the grooming to post around town. Then I'll have to take her to the vet as her hairless tail looks infected. easy child has volunteered to pay for the groomer, and our vet is pretty cheap for normal stuff.

Nichole just loves her to death. But this one I don't want to stay anymore than the others. No, she's no trouble at all, but we haven't yet introduced the dogs to her and her behavior could change once the newness of her environment wears off.

All this and I have clinicals tomorrow, a funeral tomorrow, and have to make a trip home to Illinois. :rolleyes:


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Oh Lordy!!!!!!!! That sounds like something that would happen to me!

Good luck finding a home for the little guy. I know there are lots of no-kill shelters here in Dallas, but they are almost always full. Maybe if you get her cleaned up really well, she will be more adoptable.

Your day tomorrow sounds grueling......not fun. We'll be thinking of you.

Contact Kristina Lange at [email protected].

She does dog rescue and I'm pretty sure she's up around the Cleveland area. She's into mill rescues but may be willing to take on your little guy or if nothing else can provide you with some other alternatives.

Did the dog have ANY type of collar on?