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    So the last month has been the worst. difficult child has been beyond nasty. Can't leave him in the room with other son or dog. Can hardly leave him alone. He has beat himself up. We have almost had him admitted twice.

    This is the second try at new medications. He was on one that made his speech so bad we could not understand him. So made a change, 3 times changed the dose and it was not working. So new scripted called in to pharmacy. Well sent via computer or fax. We have been on it a month and it has been 4 weeks of shear he!!.
    So wife is looking up new RX last night and is telling me this is not right, this is an anti-depressant. That is not what he needs. He needs an anti-psychotic drug.
    So call pharmacy today and find out, YES they gave us the wrong generic. How do you do this? I mean this is not putting mayo on my happy meal. This is someone's life

    We are waiting to hear back from the doctors on what damages may be done or what we need to do to switch

    Yes we will be filing something
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    Well, I don't blame you for your anger. I'd be livid.

    The main issue should be your son and getting him to a place where he is safe. Does he have a diagnosis?
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    Ugh!! What a mess!! How could they give you the wrong medications? I understand that mistakes happen, but thee kinds of mistakes can cause real damage. Did you speak to the doctor about weaning him off what he was given and starting him on the mess he's supposed to be on?

    What medications was he supposed to be taking and what is your son's diagnosis?
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    Waiting to hear from doctor about how to go to new rx and what not

    Not to worried about safe spot, he is safe but this is like day 28 not day 2

    Not sure on medications names. I just pay for them, wife handles that

    He is Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) with ADD, AHD, ODD and modd disorder. Not sure what else seems like something new everyday. he is 11.5

    Not ready to make the sign block up yet sorry
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    What is AHD? Is he adopted?

    You are aware that Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) is organic brain damage and you can maybe put a bandaid on some behaviors, but not really change him that much? He will probably always need 24/7 care, even as an adult because if he is truly Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), they lack the ability to remember right from wrong and continue to make bad decisions, only it is NOT due to "badness" but due to brain damage? He probably can't help his behavior, poor kid. It was written for him before he was even born.

    We adopted one little boy who was drug exposed in utero but very fortunately did not get the alcohol affects. However, I am pretty familiar with other adopted kids who have them and my son didn't go unscathed. He is on the autism spectrum. He was his birthmother's fifth drug/alcohol exposed child!!! We are grateful she decided not to try to raise him.
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    Sorry might have typed that in wrong and can't think real clear this morning, is it ADHD Shoot I am not sure plus the separation disorder things

    He is Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), Bio mother drank and did weed not sure what else. She went on a binge to abort him by drinking and instead had him 10 weeks early. He was 2 weeks old when she left him in the apartment to go party. My wife has had him since.

    Yeah whole thing is sad and he is a good kid, less now than before but we need all the band aids we can get. Plus spending 8K a year to send him to private school to keep him away from drugs, bad kids and being picked on.

    We have never had a honey moon, vacation, or jacksh!t cause he ruins everything. How can you get everything you ever wish for and F up Christmas every year for the whole family

    I just thank someone I have my Angel, my Tater will be 3 in Dec. He is perfect
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    Well, he can't help it. Brain damage is brain damage. He is one kid who truly CAN'T control himself. He isn't bad. He lacks the ability to reason and it's very sad.

    I'm glad you have a easy child too. They can really make you feel better!!!! I do hope you can find some medication that helps calm him down.
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    The Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) diagnosis is pretty much going to be your driving diagnosis, because it will limit what can be done on any other front.
    At his age... you may need to be looking at long-term group homes, he may never be independent. This is not his fault. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) is one of the worst conditions to inflict on a kid. These kids usually need to be protected from themselves, for life. They seem to thrive in a highly-structured group home format, with 24/7 supervision, regimented day plans, etc.
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    MD sucks for them things as far as we have been able to find but we have not really looked for group homes after age 18 but for places he can go now.

    Last night was so much better, it is amazing