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    Well, we finally got insurance approval and the test completed for the MRI for the level of Working Memory Index of 1 % PR. Should get a call from the Dr. on tomorrow. We ARD for home bound on the 3rd and will be officially requesting placement at the Monarch School. We got a letter from the Psychiatrist stating psychosomatic symptoms of anxiety were due to academic environment and curriculum and he recommended the Monarch School. So the next chapter begins soon.....still haven't found the case law to support the lack of implementation of the IEP having caused damage and regression for the last four years, and the lack of progress due to being socially passed through 11yrs of special services.
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    Haven't gotten the results back yet, but am pushing the doctor's office to get them prior to an ARD on Wednesday. I got his psychiatrist to document his psychosomatic symptoms and depression are directly related to his academic enviroment and cirriculum and he recommends placement at the Monarch School, and he put him on homebound for the second time in three years due to school's stall tactics!

    The SD sent me an email at 530 pm on the Friday before they were out for the Holidays saying:

    You will be receiving a new ARD/IEP written notice that will reflect two additional items:
    1. your request for discussion regarding placement at Monarch School

    2. the district's request for additional assessment. (which they will probably take 90 days to complete!)

    Because of the Thanksgiving vacation, you will not receive the notice within five school days. Will you waive the five day notice so we can go ahead and still have the ARD at 8:15 on 12/3/08?

    Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

    My response is what assessment are they going to request due to the Special Education Exec Director stating in a letter on 10/22/08 granting an IEE by the evaluator who just did one in March of 07 and said "Why another one?" I said because they are not educating him and he has degressed.

    Special Education Exec Director stating“I do believe that the full individual evaluation done by our staff at SD. is through and well done. The evaluation is appropriate and should be used as a basis to develop difficult child’s program.”

    I finally got the US Dept of ED on the phone today for a 45 minute call and the contact person's name over TX in Washington, D.C. to ensure compliance with IDEA with the state. The person I talked to said he would go over our conversation and have her return my call.;)
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    I got the MRI report today and every is normal anatomically!

    So we are going tomorrow to tour the school and Homebound ARD is on Wednesday.
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    Glad to hear the MRI results were normal. Also, good luck with school as well as the homebound program. Your difficult child is certainly fortunate to have you in his corner.

    I noticed in your signature that he is determined to graduate, etc. That is wonderful. Wish my difficult child would get some of that self-motivation!

    Let us know how things go.
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    Good news on the MRI!

    Let us know how the ARD goes.

    I'm thinking the case may be Rowley, but I can't remember. It should be on the wrightslaw site.
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    ok its at 8:15 in the am, I joined COPAA and TOPPA so I am getting a lot more information. COPAA has a lot of caselaw on their members section so I will look their and on Wrightslaw, Thanks.

    We visited the school today and it was awesome!
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    Well the ARD went pretty well. He will receive all his gen ed credit for this semester on homebound and they will be gen ed credits, including Spanish, theater arts and woodworking. We had the new Director of Special Education in attendance and she corrected a statement that homebound could not provide him with anything but core academics, and told them if that is what he needs for "his program" then we have to provide for him! WOW how often do you hear that from an administrator?

    He will have a male teacher who will specializes in math and they tried to tell me an adult would still have to be in attendance. I told them no, because he is an adult. They tried to quote it is district policy and I stated the state and federal law makes him an adult. So they offered to transport him to the admin bldg or a library to recieve the services, which should begin Monday.

    On the out of district placement, we have three meetings planned prior to the Christmas break.

    1. The distrist personnel and student and parnet will attend a meeting at the school to ensure academics will not change his graduation plan for a 24 credit reccommend diploma.
    2. The Director of Special Programs will confer with his psychiatrist on his recommendations for his unique appropriate education prior to the meeting at the school.
    3. A consult meeting with the Executive Director, Director of Special Progams, the IEE evaluator Dr and me, to discuss the current situation and attempt to come up with what is in the best interest of difficult child.

    We also got his credits corrected from last year where they only had him with a total of 11 to 12.5 as which makes him an official 11th grader.

    difficult child advocated for himself and told them the incidents which causee his psychosomatice anxiety and depression was due to lack of support for paraprofessional, specific teacher's negative comments and implentation of his IEP. He also signed the release for them to talk to his psychiatrist because he said he knew his doctor knew what was best for him.

    I made sure the statements from the Psychiatrists letter was written in the deliberations and read in the meeting. I also provided the MRI results and the neuropsychologist report from June which showed his academic level at 5th grade.

    So we will see how the next round goes.
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    I know it's been a struggle for you and difficult child, but you're both doing great!

    A "new" Sp Ed Director? That has to be a +. Good for her for correcting the misinformation. It gives you just a hint of how their Sp Ed personnel has been purposely mistrained.
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    She is an assistant to the Executive but has a difficult child herself, and is well know by the Bruce and Executive Director of Texas Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health, and the psychiatrist. We even discussed after the ARD the need to make the IEP's S.M.A.R.T and she agreed and is already training the supervisors for transition to take place next August!