Underestimated Stupidity or Drug Seeking........Take your pick ugh

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    Katie.........or rather M, finally contacted us after 2 wks of flat out ignoring us. Cuz you know evidently we don't care to talk to them anymore unless they need something. pht

    Seems katie got 4 teeth pulled last thursday. Her mouth is still swollen and she's complaining of horrible pain. She wanted the name of my dentist as the one she went to here in town was "mean" to her.

    Hmm. I sent her to the one here in town because bff went to him and said he was as gentle as could be with her.......and she always had enormous anxiety over dentists.

    Told M that if her gums are swollen then the infection wasn't gone when he pulled the teeth and that is why it's hurting ect. She needed to call him for more antibiotic. M said katie believes she has a dry socket. Umm no. Not almost a week after the tooth/teeth has been pulled. I got them regularly and never ever got them that far along into the healing process. Told him again it was infected, she needs antibiotic. Gave him the name of my dentist.

    This morning M calls back. Again wants the name of the dentist and the address and phone number. Ok, what was the point of last night's call then?? So yet again I gave it to him. Again he said katie thinks she has a dry socket. AGAIN I told him NO she has an infection, which is what happens when you don't take the antibiotic the dentist gives you to get rid of the infection before pulling the teeth!

    M continues to tell me katie is in sooooooo much pain she can't talk. Except I hear her talking/yelling just fine what to tell me in the background. ugh Do they think I'm deaf or what? She can't eat even jello. Oh gimme a break. She did it to herself.

    Guessing dentist fussed at her for not taking the antibiotic as directed, or at her for saying she did when he could look in her mouth and see she didn't. He most likely decided to get those teeth out before they got even worse. And yeah how much you want to be katie has not been following doctor orders about mouth care since? phht no bet.

    What moron, when a dentist tells you that your tooth and gums are severely infected, doesn't take the antibiotic? Oh, but it gave her headaches. Oh phhht. Every d*mn little thing gives her these so called headaches. What the heck is one more headache? Take the medications, get the teeth pulled and gee maybe you won't have so many headaches anymore. IDIOT.

    My best guess is this at the moment is pure and simple drug seeking. She's wanting more pain medications. Dentist won't give them to her cuz he's not buying into the dry socket bit so late in the game. So now she's going to try another dentist to get pain medications.

    Don't know about other places but here if a dentist has treated you.....and you're still healing from said treatment, another won't touch you until that treatment is completed. Prevents them from getting sued over someone elses work, or lack there of. I wish her luck.

    Nichole said she doesn't think FRS transportation will drive her to a new dentist after her just seeing one in town. Well, I'm not wasting gas because she was too stupid to take her medications to take her to mine. If it truly is swollen and infected (because with katie one never knows if its' the truth or not) she can call the dentist who treated her, go in let him look at it and give her more antibiotics.

    M also said he took Alex to the doctor. Doctor decided his shots weren't up to date. Gave Alex 8 missing shots from his record at once. He tried to argue that Alex had already had them. doctor refused to listen to him, ignored him, had them given anyway. Oh, yeah, he'd be soooo good to raise these kids alone. omg Can't wait until Evan goes for his. Bet he hasn't had a single vaccination. The kid will be lucky to walk out under his own power.

    M also tells me that someone donated a working computer to the shelter.........and of course he snatched it right up. ugh So that ends any job hunting for him pretty much as he's beyond addicted to the thing.

    No How you guys doing? Nothing. Just this is what we want. phht. Haven't heard from them in 2 wks. Had mails ignored.
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    Thanks for the update...

    I'm just sitting here shaking my head. Glad Alex got to the doctor - but why would you argue about the vaccinations? (Of course, now that I type that, I remember arguing with our new pediatrician about vaccinations. - Seems there was a mix-up when records were transferred and some of my kids vaccination records did not make it. Luckily, I had the paperwork to back up my claims so my kids did not need to "re-do" the shots they'd already had.)

    So...what's next I wonder?
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    You do so much for them, even and especially by NOT buying in.

    Hugs, sweetie. And I'm glad Alex is now up-to-date... How did the school take them with incomplete records/missing shots???

    And as for Katie... I've had a lot of work done on my mouth... If she's actually infected and swollen and in pain, the antibiotics will do more for her than morphine!!! But if she does not want to hear it, she won't. I'm sorry sweetie...
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    I'm sorry they are such idiots. I don't think any dentist in the US will take you if you are in the middle of treatment by another dentist. I know none in Cincy will. If the one I saw as a kid was still in practice I would give you his name. He woudl show her pain. Didn't believe in novacaine so he gave you big shots of about 1/4 the dose of novacaine and then went to work right away - no time for it to work. If you yelled he hit you. NOT JOKING - I saw him hit another kid who was yelling. He also liked to drill your gums if you were fussing - and he even told me he did it on purpose. I was about 9 and told him the next time he did it I would bite him - hard. His rationale was it would keep you remembering how bad the filling was so you would brush more and eat less sweets. But he gave you lollipops on the way out - NOT the sugarless kind! Also gave out bubble gum and jolly ranchers because it was 'good for business'!! He did drill my gums and then reached in with a finger and a tool of some kind to poke around and I chomped down HARD and then told him that he would remember THAT pain and ME and next time he would behave like a real doctor!! (I have incredible panic attacks at even taking my kids to the dentist now that I am an adult, by the way.)

    He would be PERFECT to handle Katie, lol! She sure wouldn't get pain medications - he took out a friend's wisdom teeth and she didn;t even know any docs gave pain medications for after!!

    I am sorry they are being so awful, esp as parents. Poor Evan probably hasn't ever seen a doctor. I bet the doctor gave Alex all the shots at once because he was afraid that M would never bring him back.

    How did they get the kids into school this long without shots? Here you get a letter if the shots are not all perfect and you ave 5 school days to get them done or your child cannot attend.

    I hope that they soon get reported to CPS because i am SURE that the abuse of Kayla is likely going on if it was going on in MO. Esp as they are all in a room, rather than having M separated from them.

    The poor kids.
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    Wow...those poor kids. Wonder if the doctor (if M actually took Alex in) will report them to CPS for medical neglect?
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    I was wondering too how they ever got in to school with incomplete shot records! Here they won't even allow them to register for school unless you can prove that they have had all of them. They'll send you down the street to the Health Department to get the shots and until you come back with that piece of paper, you child is not allowed to attend school!
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    Most states allow an opt-out option for those opposed to vaccinations for allergy or religious reasons. It's not like they go back and verify with whatever church you claim.
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    I was stunned over the shot thing myself. As I had to jump through hoops to make sure I had a doctor letter to prove Nichole is allergic to the preservative in vaccinations and can't have them..........unless of course we'd like her to go into antiphylactic shock.

    I'm guessing katie got some of them..........then hee hawed around consistantly giving excuses to school like she's doing over the glasses for kayla.........And they moved a LOT more than katie admitted to, kayla told me that herself. And kayla still doesn't have her chickenpox vaccine........katie is trying to convince the school she had chickenpox as a toddler here. I know better. She didn't. I watched her while she was a infant/toddler, neither she nor Alex had the chicken pox when they were here the first time. Katie was POed when she realized I both knew and remembered that. ugh lol God help her should the school ask me, cuz I'll tell them the truth. Nor did kayla have the vaccine here because it had just come out and we were both leery of her having it. I'm fairly sure Alex didn't get that one either............but guessing he did the other day. lol

    Yeah, I know the docs around here. They ignored M's protest and gave the shots anyway because of the fear he wouldn't bring him back for more. Happens all the time around here. Docs are used to it. Too many hill folk don't want to bother with them until they're forced to by the schools. Odds are high the doctor and the school have contacted cps.

    But yeah, not exactly sure how she got away with neglecting the shots so long..................... If it were my kids, they wouldn't leave me alone. I lamenated the darn letter from the doctor to keep them off my back. lol
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    Our schools hounded me about shots too, and all my kids were up to date on them. first it was because both Jess and thank you's shot records didn't list "chicken pox vaccine" but had "varicella vaccine" and the idiot nurse didn't know what that was (the office lady TOLD her over and over that it was the chicken pox vaccine, but the nurse said she was lying!). So I had to get a letter saying it was the chicken pox vaccine from the doctor's office. doctor's office was NOT happy. Then I had to come and pick up thank you because his shot was given the day before his first birthday and the shot has to be given "on or after" the first birthday. I stood in the office and called the doctor's office and they were FURIOUS. State law says there is a 2 week grace period before the first birthday for that shot and any others that have a specified day. Nurse still wouldn't believe it and tried to tell me we had to leave school grounds or she was calling the police. I was still on the phone and the doctor herself told her to go ahead, that we would sue because they were tired of this (turns out we were the 10th or 11th patient that week to deal with thsi with this nurse) and of her idiocy. The doctor even said that their office would pay our lawyer fees and court costs until the school had to reimburse them!

    So Katie is giving them one heck of a runaround. NO WAy would the schools we knew in OH tolerate this. I am shocked that the school hasn't called you - unless Katie and/or M signed something that says that you cannot pick up the kids. Here if you don't answer the phone when school calls they call the "emergency" contact regardless of the problems. It is why they no longer are allowed to call my parents or brother. I got tired of the koi, esp before they fired this nurse. She watned to report us to CPS because thank you forgot his glasses one day. He wasn't required to wear them by the doctor, just by me because if he got used to taking them off he would lose about 100 pairs a month. So he couldn't find them one day and we sent him to school and I got a call saying if his glasses were not there in 10 minutes then CPS would be called. I had the eye doctor call them and tell them that the glasses were NOT required for schoolwork, that he wore them all the time so he wouldn't lose them and we were NOT neglecting him.

    For crying out loud we live 20+ minutes from the school if we follow the speed limits!! I can just see a cop pulling me over and accepting that excuse - NOT.
  10. Star*

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    My suspicions would be that CPS has ALREADY been alerted to these "parents" and the authorities are keeping a watchful eye on the kids. I think this is just a matter of time before dim-witted parents no longer have legal custody of your Grands. Sorry to say -