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    I've been away for awhile, and I apologize. I went back to work in January so that husband wouldn't have to work 24 - 30 twelve-hour shifts per month when his partners decided to open an urgent care clinic and staff it themselves - on top of their ER commitments. I worked full-time hours, or more, until April, when I cut back a little. It was stressful initially, doing things I hadn't done for twenty-five years (and in some cases, never), but I got through the hard part at the beginning and on to where I was very comfortable, though not loving twelve-hour shifts. But the partners decided to squeeze every penny they could out of the clinic and hired mid-level providers (nurse practitioners and physician assistants), and when my husband disagreed with them and resigned, I was immediately out of a job. Today was my last shift. So now I'm unemployed.

    I'm having a hard time with it, but they say one door closes and another opens, so I hope that's true. I'm not really employable elsewhere because I didn't take my Boards back in the '80s (easy child 1 was born during my internship and I had to make up time after major complications - so husband and I went north to the subarctic without my Boards because they weren't required then). I'm working on a book and maybe that will pan out, although it's a lottery ticket sort of thing. Anyway - I hope to re-connect with the board in the next while. Hoping everyone is hanging in there.
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    I am so sorry to hear that katya. Does that mean that you are both unemployed? I hope something does come along soon. Unemloyment hoovers big time! {{{{(((HUGS)))}}}}
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    husband still has employment in the ER, but we'll see how long that lasts once the new guy arrives in October. I'm cynical and figure the partners will ditch husband asap, given his health history, but husband doesn't see it coming. We'll see. So I'm hunkering down, trying to contain costs, while husband sees no problem. I've always been the pessimist of the two of us; trouble is, I'm always right. Doesn't that hoover?
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    Hope that window opens for you soon. There's a few of us running around here that enjoy reading and writing, so if you want proof-readers, beta-readers, help self-publishing if you're going that route, just give a holler.
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    Me too. And yes it does hoover.

    I'm so sorry to hear about the job. We've been dealing with the unemployed thing for a while too.

    I hope you can find something soon and that husband's partners wise up and keep him on board.

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    That's quite a hit, to have him facing unemployment potentially just as you find yourself unemployed. Is there some type of course/updating you can do that would lead you to being able to take the boards? I'll keep your husband in my thoughts and hope that if he does finish with this position that he finds something else quickly.
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    Thanks, I appreciate your good wishes. I may take some of you up on the beta-reading offer. :p The only updating I can do is to do a full family practice residency here in the US,
    three years of rotations through various specialties with on-call, and the residency directors I've contacted so far aren't interested. They have a choice of new grads every July, so
    a fifty-something Canadian grad isn't very attractive to them. I'd have to move away for three years, as there's nothing in our small town, and husband doesn't support that at all. He's
    all for me being the hausfrau that makes everything work out ...

    I hope he doesn't lose his job this October, but it's a definite possibility. Then more drama and angst, and I'm on my last adrenaline molecule. I truly think, after all these years, my
    adrenal glands are done and need replacement ...
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    Oh katya...Im so sorry. Hope something works out. Is there a step down from what you were as what you were such as teaching maybe?
  9. Hound dog

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    Katya Janet gave me an idea...........

    Could you maybe teach nursing courses or some other medical program either for a technical center or a college? You meet the requirement as far as I can see as far as education, and probably with experience as well even though it's not as a board certified doctor.

    Might be worth a shot.
  10. hearts and roses

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    Sending positive thoughts your way - sometimes misfortunes turn into blessings. I hope that's the case for you this time! Big hugs~
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    My ideal job - well, would be writing full-time if I could get paid to do it! - but failing that a teaching job would be lovely. We have one college in our small town ... no nursing or medical program, and they want PhDs for their science courses. But you never know, if they're temporarily shorthanded ... they might take an unemployed MD. :) Worth a shot, definitely.
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    Just sending you some hugs. I understand husband's who are wonderful but don't get it. We're living on the edge also and I totally understand the anxiety. DDD