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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by mstang67chic, Jun 17, 2009.

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    The unemployment system in this state BLOWS!!!!! It takes forever to kick in but mine FINALLY did. (Which is good because I wasn't sure I would qualify) The problem? They don't do checks anymore here. Instead they send you a debit card and deposit your money directly to it. Convenient right? Not when you DON'T HAVE THE FLIPPING CARD!!!!! I have THREE weeks worth of payments in my "account" but no card. The so called help line is nothing but recordings and when you hit the option to get a real person it HANGS UP ON YOU.

    I FINALLY found a number to call for help after digging and digging through the website. It took me all of 30 seconds to get this straightened out once I got an actual person but OMG!!! I know the economy is bad right now and I know people take advantage of the system but the hoops you have to jump through and the lengths you have to go to just to get a PERSON is unbleepingbelievable. Of course, then I had to spend $15 out of my benefits to get the card in 2 days rather than 5 to 10 business days. Good thing husband is working otherwise we would literally have no money. None. God help anyone who is single or both unemployed. It's no wonder people do desperate things when times are tough.

    Sorry but I REALLY needed to vent to you guys rather than standing outside ranting and cussing and scaring my neighbors!
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    It's similar to child support in Ohio... If you don't have it direct deposited they send you a debit card... But then if I take the kids shopping it has to be my money, I can't use the darn thing! Thank goodness we had a bank account with both of our names on it.
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    Mstang...you are so right. Cory is on SSI and SSDI. So I got him on the cards instead of on paper checks so there is less chance of paper money actually getting stolen or lost. One would think that would be better right? Oh it is not easier. Number one...he has to have two cards which look exactly the friggen same...exactly! Cant put both benefits on the same card now can we even though they come from the same place! So he has to figure out which card is which when he uses them. I wrote on them with a sharpie...1 and 3...lol. Then when his wallet was stolen we had to cancel them and order new cards. What a nightmare. I wont even go into starting the whole process and how they hoovered up getting them set up and messed up my social security number and now they are under a false social security number for me because someone typed it in wrong and we have to remember that number! LOL.
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    Step...sorry but Ohio is just plain weird to begin with! LOL My uncle had to adopt his own biological son when he married his first wife because they weren't married at the time that my cousin was born.

    Janet....Not that I'm suggesting you change the whole process but wouldn't it be easier to have the money direct deposited? husband is his mother's POA and has hers direct deposited to an account. He has a debit card for that account and uses that when he gets her groceries or medicine and also uses it as an ATM card when she wants cash. Oh....wait....Cory.....no bank account?
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    He had to what?

    difficult child 1 was born in 1995, husband & BM got married in 1997. Since he was on birth certificate, no problems.

    And, yes, Ohio is WEIRD. This is why it's "hi" in the middle. And Oh on the ends... ---affecting surfer dude posture--- Ohhh...Hi....Ohhh.

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    We have the same here in WI. I am backlogged to April for the darn card. Oh well...3 months without food is not a problem in their eyes.

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    Sooooooooo....big party at your house when your card comes through?
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    Stang....repeat...Cory...bank account. Noooooooo! I dont even think he is allowed within 500 feet of one.

    Oh...and to make matters even worse on these lil cards. Since I am his representative payee...even though he is 23 and its his money...the name on the stupid cards is my name...lol. Not both our names but just my name! Now is the time when I really dont want anything to do with how he spends the money on those cards and I dont need to be there when he spends his money. He is doing well with his bills. But how in gods name is he using cards with my name on them places? Obviously no one checks! Actually...one place does. Our electric company makes a fuss and wont let him pay his power bill with his card...lol. I have to be there.
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    Yeah sorry Janet. I forgot for a second that we were talking about Cory! LOL

    It's scary that no one checks the name on cards anymore. I didn't sign my debit/ATM card....just wrote Check ID. I've had it since last year sometime and I've had maybe 5 people ask for my ID. Of course, I'm not counting all the times the busy body at the corner gas station looks at it and says she won't check my ID because she knows me. (WHY she looks at it each time if she knows me....I don't know.)