Unhealthy hamburger meter!

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    Star* call 911........call 911

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    That makes me want to hold my arms up in the air, run around, and yell "OMG! ONOZ!"
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    I was at Taco Bell a couple of months ago (taco jones...don't ask), and they had a poster by the pick-up counter that provided nutritional information for all of the items on their menu.

    As it turns out, the things that seem to be the healthier choices (taco salad, soft-shell taco) were some of the highest fat, highest calorie items on the menu.

    I have found this link to be very helpful:
    Calorie King Food Database
    It tells me all of the calorie counts and other nutrition details for lots of popular foods. Helps to keep me in line, even when I have to grab food on the go.

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    I haven't eaten a fast food hamburger since 1975, when I got food poisoning at B.....K...
    At home, we make hamburgers from ground turkey. There's still some fat but nowhere near the amt that beef has.
    I love the calorie guides that fast food places have now.
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    OMG. Good thing I don't like Mc Donald's. Well, actually I'm not a fan of fast food anyway.

    Me, I like the good ol' fashioned country cooking meant to keep meat on your bones while putting in a 16 hr day in the fields.:wow::spaghetti::rofl2:

    And if you don't put in those 16 hrs in the fields it can be lethal to your waistline. lol

    Once every 6 months or so I'll make myself a breakfast burrito. Yum!

    Trinity that Database will be wonderfully helpful. If not to me, then to the girls. Thanks.