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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by klmno, Nov 4, 2009.

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    This is a little update and I think I need to unload my brain since I'm a little antsy about a few things right now. Mainly I'm just having to be patient to find out about the job in HI and I'd really prefer to find something around here but I still am having no luck. I can't even find ads for jobs related to my field now- it has slowed down again after a slight pick-up at the end of summer.

    difficult child's CM finally called me this week and said that she doubted difficult child would or could get released before mid-Feb and it could be March. She said If I get this job in HI, then she needs to see if the facility director would recommend difficult child be released earlier than guidelines allow for mitigating circumstances. If the director recommends it, then they go to the state office meetings (two) and have to get special approval. She said it is possible but unlikely because they normally don't do that however, difficult child gives them no trouble and I definitely have a special situation. She was supposed to talk to the director and get back with me to see if she would or would not recommend it so at least I would know if there is no way. If she will, and I get the job, then it will take them a couple of weeks to find out if the state officials will allow it.

    I'm antsy over not getting the expected call from the family therapist yet and what she is going to say. Really what I'm worried about is her saying something that leads me to say that I am not comfortablee bringing difficult child home under the circumstances she is recommending, or her telling me that her recommendation is for him not to come home.

    Then, maybe I'm a little sensitive but I'm wondering why hardly anyone seems to respond to my threads on General anymore. If I have ticked someone off, please PM me and let me know because it was not intentional and I'm not aware of it. I know I can be pretty opinionated but I try to respond to others and keep my posts non-judgemental. Of course, I am not the best at that sometimes I guess.
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    I haven't been ticked off, just have lots going on with difficult child and family stuff right now but have been keeping you and difficult child in my daily prayers. I hope that if you do get the Hawaii job difficult child will be able to be released early. I would hope they would do that with difficult child giving them no trouble. Hugs.
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    klmno - sorry I did not read this sooner. I usually jump in and out while at work. Lately I have not had much time in the evenings. I have read a few posts about your job and move - but I do not recall the details....because I am old.

    I do not recall you being judgemental at all. I am sure nobody is avoiding your posts - it just gets hard to respond to everyone sometimes.

    Unfortunately, with the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) - I think you have to just be patient. Most times, it seems, they move quickly only when they need to. Try not to worry.
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    Thank you both! I think going months trying to be prepared for one extreme or the other as far as difficult child's future placement and going to HI or a shelter, and so forth is probably starting to take its toll on me.
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    KLMNO, I know how you feel as I've posted lately and feel like I don't really get many responses...even though I'm mostly bouncing my own thoughts off people who usually understand. Hang in there. So many of us are juggling so much lately or simply don't don't have anything to add to what has already been said. Hugs~

    Hopefully things will fall into place and settle down a bit. Whatever is decided with difficult child, I hope it's the right thing. You have so many balls in the air right now, and being dependent on that important phone call or meeting can really make your insides do flip-flops. Try to keep busy with other things to take your mind off it until you hear something.
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    Geez...I haven't been on General for months. haha...maybe I've ticked them all off!! Don't worry.

    As far as unloading your brain, wow. I think I'd make a flood around here. Go for it, girl.

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    Thanks JoG (and Abbey who snuck in on me)! I do need to remind myself that many here have difficult child's in school and are busy with homework, fundraisers, and difficult child issues. Staying busy can be a good thing for me!