Unusual floor cleaner



I had asked a while back if anyone remembered a name of a floor cleaner that was mentioned on here a few years ago. I got some good suggestions, but I would like to tell you my experience.

My kitchen floor is about 20 years old. It is a linoleum, no wax type. It has been years, maybe 5 or more since I used that other floor cleaner on it. It is more of a white/grey with speckles.

I was cleaning the outside of appliances and I had some Easy Off (in blue can). I walked away to answer a call. When I came back the Easy Off had dripped onto the floor. When I wiped that up the floor was white...compared to dark grey dirt from years and years of "mop and glow". I tried spraying it on areas under the stove and under the refridgerator and it was wonderful. It did strip off the shiney surface, but that is what I wanted. It was dull looking but unbelievably white, clean. I did square by square and scrubbed off all the old wax and dirt, marks. (found lots of little rips) I used a tooth brush and butter knife along the mop boards. The entire job took me about 8 hours. I then washed with water twice. Then applied a wax. Floor looks brand new!!!

It took 4 cans of easy off. But I did not have to put much muscle into it.

I would not use this on any new floors. But for what I have it was discovered accidentally and I tried it under the appliances first.

wanted to share.