up all night ,sleeps all day


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If he is not taking pills, smoking pot or drinking then I would
assume he is suffering from adolescent depression. The symptoms
are very similar. Sad to say....most teens will not accept and
embrace treatment for depression or addictions. Sending hugs of
support your way. DDD


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I too am thinking he is depressed. will he talk to anyone?
if not, will he take Omega 3 fish oil pills??? tell him they are vitamins.


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Does he go on the computer? Maybe talking to friends on there? Sometimes that gets them going, and then maybe someone can make some plans?


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Hi - Sorry you are having a hard time - unfortunately I can relate all too well. My 16 y/o difficult child is in the same mode - no interest in anything but sleeping all day & then complains he just can't sleep - and is up all night on the phone or myspace. Doesn't take advice like exercise, do something constructive with your time, etc. Does your son deny being depressed? Mine does even though he certainly 'acts' depressed around us but he's not depressed around his friends.

Mine is on a 15-day "house-arrest" for the 2nd time & was court ordered to get a job (that's the only reason he can leave the house) but hasn't even done that. When we go back to court soon he'll be in contempt once again but it doesn't even seem to phase him.

Unlike your's, my son has a history of drug use, self-defeating behavior, wants to drop out of school and is totally self-absorbed. I'm currently in the "give him enough rope to...." mode but it's not a pleasant thing to watch. I suspect the judge will loose patience this time & order him into juvie or a bootcamp type of program - it's up to him to do the right things to prevent that but he just chooses not to. I think he likes playing the power-struggle game.

I'm wondering why hasn't the court ordered your son to pay back the $$. They haven't insisted that he get a job or face the consequences? I'm learning the hard way that at 16 they are old enough and intelligent enough to know right from wrong & have to be accountable for their actions (or inactions!)


When our son was behaving much like yours (although he was smoking pot), we had him evaluated, and his comprehensive drug screen came up positive only for marijuana. In fact, by his own admission, he was using Ecstasy at the time.

Is this a possibility?


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Unfortunately that is true. We just learned Ecstasy only shows up on drug tests up to about 24-36 hours after they use it - about the same thing for cocaine. Marijuana (particularly if they are regular users) stays in the system much longer; up to a month or so. Just a few weeks ago our son was acting 'weird' right after he had a drug screen, so I surprised him by picking up one from the drug store and did one at home & he tested positive for Ecstasy as well.

surprise him by testing right after one of those sleeping marathons. Ecstasy use in my son's circle is rampant.

It's 6:00 pm and our son is sleeping -- not looking good on our end either