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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by crazymama30, Jun 21, 2009.

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    difficult child has been all over the map mood wise today. Started out demanding, wanted everything brought to him. We got through that, he got better, and then we went to turn in cans. We had a lot of cans, from our house and my grandfather. We got $28, and here in OR we get $.05 per can. That is a heck of a lot of cans. difficult child copped an attitude while loading cans (I would have left him home with husband if it had not been father's day) We got the cans loaded, and at the store he did well, helped put them in the machines and was great.

    Then we went inside the store. Ug. He wanted to buy his future puppy a collar. He said that I told him he could have a puppy last christmas. Not true. So then it was husband told him he could have a puppy, not true. He cannot have a puppy untill he can be kind to the animals we have. So at the checkstand I take the collar that he somehow grabbed away from him, give it to the checker to restock, and he is yelling at me and in tears.

    We went home instead of going to Costco, and he went to his room A couple hours later we went to Wal Mart to finish buying husband his Father's day presents (fising bait, can never have too much of that) and he was great in the store. It was nice.

    Then this evening easy child and I were making dinner. She shucked the corn, peeled the potatoes, made husband's father's day cake, and helped me make zuchini bread. I told difficult child to go fill the yard debris container for his chore, as easy child helped me. Again, crying fit. She is doing what she likes, why does he have to work outside? He did go do it, and we talked when he came in. I apologized, I did not realize that easy child was doing what she liked and he was not. Asked him if he would like to help me cook next time, he yelled and cried some more and said yes. I told him we could do that, but he needed to go to his room for now and calm down.

    For now he is ok, after arguing about taking his pills and taking a shower. I am going to get this kid back on a regular schedule and quick. He has been detiorating since our camping trip, and I think lack of structure is part of it. Don't think it is all of it, but definately some of it. He did so well after we increased his abilify to 4mg, it was amazing. The magic has now worn off. Ugg. I can't help but wonder if part of it is that he has not seen psychiatrist in about a month due to scheduling issues. He sees her Wednesday, and I will be curious to see how that goes.

    I am beat. I got a migraine about mid day (no wonder) and 3 ibuprofen and a vicodin later it is better. About bed time I can take a another vicodin. I am wiped. What a crazy day.
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    I'm sorry you had such a rough day. It sounds like difficult child was really struggling today.

    I hope your head feels better.

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    Good job for not melting down during all the craziness, seems like difficult child was wanting attention that easy child was getting. I deal with that a lot. girl chores --VS boy chores-- no matter what we do "it's not fair" hopefully you can spend time with difficult child to make a meal for the family that will make him happy and take some pressure off of you.
    Hope you feel better in the morning. Hope that you have a great and stress less day
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    I feel much better this morning. Woke difficult child up, and he is in a better mood. Thankfully. It is so hard to try to be fair to each kid, I am not sure if it is even possible.
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    I'm glad you are feeling better and that difficult child is in a better mood-hope it lasted all day. I'm sorry yesterday was so rough.