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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by exhausted, Feb 16, 2011.

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    I just wanted to share that my difficult child came out of observation and assessment (with yet another diagnosis-psychiatric said he couldn't "officially" diagnose her with Borderline Personality Disorder until she was 18, but thought that we were headed there). She is awaiting placement in a therapeutic home and day treatment/school program. They thought that another Residential Treatment Center (RTC) would not be worth the time and money. The trouble is that the juvenile justice system decided that we could have better access to services through DCFS, they have a terrible reputation in our state. I can't seem to get an answer on a timeline and the process for all this. In the meantime, she sits at youth services and continues to have no therapy. When she calls or we go get her for a few hours, she is miserable and so hard to be with.( Of course they took her off antidepressants). I don't expect her to be happy about not coming home; she did get herself into this mess, but to be so miserable?? We were desperate for help, just hope it comes soon.
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    She is at Youth Services? And no therapy, took her off medications? What do they expect, a 100% turnaround because they're not helping?

    No, she's not going to be happy, and I am crossing all kinds of body parts that she can get into therapeutic home ASAP.

    I'm sorry... Hugs...
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    Thanks for the reply- still no word or answers to our questions.Family therapist tells me to keep at DCFS. She also says we at least need to be thankful that she has had 7 weeks where she was safe, fed, in school, and not at risk for being sexually abused. Trying to keep that in my mind. My poor husband is beside himself excepting that she isn't coming home for awhile. I'm way past that- just want her helped and safe.
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    Just talked to my daughter and she tells me that she will be allowed to go back to a public school and ride the transit system to school and group therapy. No one has called me and included me on this decision, despite being told that I was part of the team. The recommendation from the observation and assessment team was that she was a danger to herself and needed to be in a more restrictive envirnment. If she could go to public school and ride the bus and actually show up to school, not go looking for pot or to sexually act out, we would not be in this desperate attempt to get help. Hasn't anyone bothered to read her records? Don't they know she has PTSD and isn't at this point able to keep herself from really scary situations? Don't they know we spent unbelievable amounts of money on Residential Treatment Center (RTC) and therapy(all be it the wrong treatment)? Of course this is EXACTLY WHAT SHE WANTS-but since when do mentally ill 16 year olds get to choose their treatment once they have been court ordered and assessed? I can't even express my distress and unbelief. Can the system be so screwed up? The angel on my difficult children shoulder, that has kept her alive, must be exhausted. When will it disappear? I just had so much hope we would have access to the right kinds of therapy this way. Im praying that despite the holiday weekend, someone from DCFS will call me and tell me this is all her wishful thinking!