Upcoming Annual & Transition IEP - Advice Needed

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    I have my son's IEP coming up on Wednesday June 3. This was his first school year with an IEP. There wasn't much on it, just a goal for behavior and one for Writing. I feel like I have been the "dumb parent" all these years trusting the school to do what is right for my son.

    I am now getting smarter. His IEP is under Emotional Disturbance. He sees a therapist (MFT Intern), has a pediatric behavorial psychiatrist (I think I got it right), goes to an afterschool therapuetic program - all paid for by me. No diagnosis, the dr. doesn't believe in labeling kids unless needed for insurance or schools. Schools assessment pointed to Aspergers didn't quite have all the criteria for the DSM-IV (4 out of 5). Dr. said not ADD or ADHD, but maybe ODD. Feeling a little frustrated. He has huge Executive Funciton Deficits. I feel like the fight has already begun with the school.

    Oh and he has a behavior support plan (BSP) for 4th grade, that I didn't know still was in existence. If that is so everyone including the principal has violated it, ending up with my son getting suspended.

    I am asking for support and goals in the IEP that address his lack of executive function. They say that will be in the BSP. I want a functional behavior assessment done so we can write a thorough intervention, one wasn't done before.

    The principal for next year will be there along with the 6th grade resource teacher so I don't want to seem like a crazy, but I don't want to come away feeling run over or like the "dumb parent" again.

    Any and all advice needed.

    Thank you,


    me - 40 divorced single mom, in recovery from substance abuse
    son - 10 - unknown, takes concerta 54mg a day
    daughter - 20 - subtance abuse- in recovery
    daughter - 15 - lives with father due to my past, very strained relationship
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    Amy, It is the 12th and I am just resurfacing to the board, how did it go?

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    Your son's medical professionals should be able to help with-IEP goals. Their written reports should include a "Recommendations" section.

    You can also find information on this via a google search similar to http://www.google.com/webhp?rls=ig#...ysfunction+goals&aq=f&oq=&aqi=&fp=GfJSJdxUFlI .

    Appropriate EF goals should be written into a BIP and IEP. (Sometimes school districts incorporate BIPs into an IEP and sometimes they are separate documents. When they are separate, the IEP should refer readers to the BIP so that in essence, the docs are all encompassing.)

    Sorry to be untimely on this, but don't dispair. If the issues were not addressed at the IEP, as the parent you can call another IEP meeting at any time.

    Update us on how things went.
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    Well, I had the IEP meeting. I went through everything with a fine tooth comb.

    I feel there is something that I missed, but I am having his MFT and medicine Dr. look at the IEP with the BSP. I have not yet signed because I wanted them to look at it. I am not too sure about the Dr. that we see. He seems to think that since difficult child is doing so much better that there isn't as much to worry about. To me it seems there is a whole new set of problems that are emerging now that quite a bit of the behavior is getting somewhat under control.

    The BSP will change in the fall according to the 6th grade Special Education person that was there, and she will do a FBA. When I asked she was like of course that is how I would do it, not at all like the elementary school people. Who by the way told me that if I didn't sign ALL his services would go away, luckily I had the Parent Liason from the disctrict with me and she set them straight.

    We are in California, SF East Bay Area, a district that just had over $12 million cut from our budget, and couldn't pass a parcel tax, pretty scary.

    Thank you for the replies.
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    You are most welcome, and welcome to the site! I hope you find support and a soft place to land here! by the way have you signed the petition in this heading and also listed in the general forum?

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    Thanks for pointing out where I needed to change to difficult child. :redface:

    The medicine Dr. is a pediatric behavioral psychiatrist or something like that. When we met with him on the 17th he said he does not really do much with IEP's. He frustrates me some. Probably my fear of dr thing. Not fear really, but I lose my voice around them.

    My son started a therapeutic camp this week. It is one we did last summer, and during the school year. As luck would have it there is a "camper" in my son's group that pushes his buttons some how. This is a really good thing! My son gets to work on his stuff with immediate support around him. I just hope he does not hit the kid or vice versa. Just name calling so far, but from what I heard from his counselor it was pretty vicious. We are also working with a much lower dosage of Concerta for camp. The dr. recommended none so difficult child could really work, but I am a little afraid. I want his counselors to get to know him before a total melt down.

    I should hear back from mft about her input on iep this week. She is also going to run it by a asperger specialist she knows. You have to be very careful how you say things to difficult child. He is very literal.