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    1) I met with a guy in my line of work today who I'd sent a resume to- but he told me ahead of time that he wouldn't be hiring or committing to it until after the first of the year. Today he said Feb or Mar, which is a lot different from Jan 4 like I'd hoped. LOL! Anyway, I think this meeting stemmed from my networking more than anything because he mentioned his connections with two employers that I know and had just spoken to last week- letting them know how much I need work. This guy has not had his own business very long and he asked if I'd thought about taking this opportunity to start working for myself. I told him I had thought about it but couldn't because I didn't have the computer software- which cost about $5000-6000.

    He said "yes, it is expensive, especially when employers have to pay an additional amount for each computer station in their office and he hated to think how many people spent that money, then had to lay people off this past year, and now have those computer stations just sitting there."

    And that is when I had my light bulb moment that I'd wished I had gotten a long time ago: I wonder if any of them would let me use an empty computer station in their office for a small fee? He said yes- and this one man that we both knew had done this in the past. Ok- there's an idea I can pursue. We both agreed that things will probably pick up a little early next year- the hold up is banks not lending money and people trying to get financing.

    2) The foreclosure attny thinks he has a way to put the Jan date off for a while. He told me to come into his office at 8:30 am tomorrow. Then, while I was gone to this meeting he called and left a message saying I could come in at 7:30, or earlier if I wanted. (Is he kidding? LOL!)

    3) And, I can file bankruptcy according to a different attny and that will put the foreclosure off 1-2 months, if I choose that route. I'm supposed to call him again on Monday when we both had more time to weigh it all. Between his cost and the court costs, that would be about $1400. That seems very high to me but I might be able to get a legal aid attny and get it cheaper. Anyway, buying time is good.

    And of course, if I file bankruptcy it helps me open the government job market up again. It wasn't just the job in HI that was lost by this credit situation- it was all governement jobs. When I talk to that attny on Monday, I'm going to ask if he knows another way to turn it around. I might go ahead and contact a different attny- who specializes in this stuff- next week and asked them, too.

    So, I have no great news, but I feel a little more hopeful at least that I won't have to make drastic changes a month or more before difficult child is released.
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    All very promising....
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    Sounds VERY hopeful!!!
    Keep up the good fight!
    It WILL pay off!:D
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    Thanks, Ladies! I'd love to keep the house really if difficult child wasn't required to be on parole but I've really had it with these CSU people- I would never trust them in this county because all but one over the past 4 years has lied and treated me like I'm the one on probation and my gut feeling is that it will quickly go back to the way things were before difficult child went in there. So, I do want out of here if I can make that work. But given all I was told when the job in HI was up in the air it seems preferable to stay here until difficult child's release, if at all possible. Or, if I have to move before then, then I need to stay in this state so they don't tie it all up with an interstate study for months.

    If I could start getting credit turned around and stay here until the end of the school year, then difficult child would be home and maybe we could move then- if I could get a government job by then. That would at least minimize my time of dealing with the CSU people here.
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    I add my prayers and positive thoughts in hope that collectively we can sway the balance in your favor. I totally believe great things are in store for you in 2010!