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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by exhausted, Jul 14, 2011.

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    Our daughter has been home for 2 home visits from the Residential Treatment Center (RTC). This weekend she will stay overnight. She will be released soon if things continue to go well. We were glad to have her. She was pretty relaxed. She loved being home-but we told her every visit isn't going to be a party. This weekend she has a list of chores. We'll see how she responds.

    They have really "upped the anty" as it were. She gets no warnings before point loss. They take points for every thing-including talking too much. She was getting out of bed and getting dressed and not doing her makeup this last week and they took points because she was being lazy about her appearence. While harsh, they are putting her under great stress to see how she will do-if she will use her DBT skills.

    I still don't love everything that has happened at this place, but my hope is that the experience is bad enough she will want to be home. Find myself following her around and never wanting to let her out of my sight because I'm still worried she will do some of her old behaviors. Also, while she is relaxed, I'm on edge the entire time. I have these feelings of loving to have her here yet not trusting her at all. Hope I can relax more this weekend. Frankly, if she screws up, she is the one who will get the consequences.
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    Exhausted - how did it go this weekend?
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    Thanks for asking Patriotgirl. It was a really nice visit. I decided to "chill" and let her do her thing. She did get her room organized. Sorted clothes for garbage and goodwill. She still needs guidance about organizing, it's not her strong suit. She was happy. pleasant and not demanding. She read all the Harry Potter Books in the last 2 months (a miracle because her usual fair is dark stuff and nonfiction about gangsters and serial killers), so we borrowed several of the last few movies so we could eat popcorn and have a family movie fest. We enjoyed it as she did. She gave us all the inside info so we could understand what was going on (it has been too long since I read those books).Her therapist wants a team meeting this week to discuss discharge plans! We have many decisions to make about school so we better get in gear. With our family therapist, we have written up the family rules and expectations and what will happen should she begin her truency or running behaviors (she has court orders to support us on this as well). We did this last time when she was released from Residential Treatment Center (RTC) to no avail. Hope she gets its end game now because a judge is involved. I do think she will try to get freedoms before she has earned them. We told her she will not ever be left alone or go to a friends house until she has 1 quarter of good attendance and good grades, no pot smoking, no running. She's been in over 2 years of Residential Treatment Center (RTC) now and we need to keep things structured and do a gradual release of responsibility to her.
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    Good luck; I hope things go well for you.
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    I wish you all the luck in the world!! Glad you had a good weekend with her.. :)
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    Glad to hear the weekend visit went so well!
    I'm sure you are a bit nervous about Discharge plans and having daughter home for good.
    Am keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers,

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    Thank you so much for your support everyone! Liahonna, so nice to see back on the board.