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    Statement 1: difficult child has now been officially diagnosed with Asperger's (like I didn't already know that) so the school can't push me aside anymore.

    Statement 2: We are having a thorough Occupational Therapist (OT) evaluation since the one the school did didn't find any issues needing assistance/accommodations.

    Statement 3: I have OFFICIALLY requested an evaluation from the Regional Autism Consultant.

    Situation: The school is having an "IEP review" meeting in 2 weeks, even before the Autism specialist has done her evaluation. I had the sd's reading coordinator, who is also a licensed sped teacher, do a thorough assessment of difficult child's reading skills. She found some real issues and has strategies for his reading teacher to use to help difficult child learn the skills he is lacking. When I mentioned this meeting to her, she didn't know anything about it. She said when she told difficult child's SpEd teacher about her evaluation, he said "that's not what our report shows", meaning the cursory evaluation they did as part of the 3 year re-evaluation they did recently. She is thinking "something is up". She wonders if they are going to want to change settings. He is already at a level 3. A level 4 means he has to go to a MUCH more restrictive school for behavior problems. I am very nervous but I do have difficult child's therapist and our advocate coming to the meeting also.

    Question 1: Now that we have this diagnosis, does anyone have a good book or resource I can present to the school about "teaching kids with Asperger's"?

    Question 2: Is there a good resource or book for easy child/difficult child to help him understand what this means for difficult child, ps/difficult child, and me? Right now, he doesn't understand why I treat difficult child different than I treat him. I have tried explaining it but he doesn't seem to get it. It is really hard for him because they are twins. He is such a book worm, I thought maybe a book would help him understand better and then we could discuss it more productively.

    Thanks for letting me get so long-winded but there is just so much going on right now.
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  3. TeDo,

    I'm glad you have the official diagnosis; it is a start. The Oasis Web site is just wonderful. Here's a link to articles which includes an article for teachers:


    Every semester I printed off copies of this article and met informally with all of difficult child's teachers. Some got it , and some didn't - but I gave it the college try. I like the article because it is not too long and doesn't require too much time and work by the teacher. It is also very comprehensive, and easy to understand.

    Good luck in your journey!