Update and Thanksgiving

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by LavenderShoremaid, Nov 20, 2017.

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    First the Update: Daughter has decided that she needs to seek help. Supposed to enter a facility that helps children and adults with mental issues. Supposed to go tomorrow-I say supposed because I never know anymore what is truth or more lies. Her bestie has told me she is seeking help for having suicidal thoughts/cutting etc. Her Dad and I have basically told her enough is enough in all terms. We have not spoken to her either by phone/text/social media-nothing. I spoke to her briefly and wished her well. I hope they can help and give her the tools to succeed.

    Thanksgiving: Just the 3 of us this year. Hoping everyone here that is celebrating is able to enjoy some part of the day and be able to have something to be thankful for- even if it is only finding this forum and the wonderful people on here who are facing some of the same issues we all share. Blessings and strength to all.:group-hug:
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    You sound strong and have clarity. You have your boundaries. You have something to give thanks for. You are taking care of you, as you need to.
    Keep us posted on the update and stay with us here. We are following along and keep each other afloat.
    Take care, dear.
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    Lavender, I agree with Kalahou. You sound clear and resolved.

    Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes. I hope the 3 of you have a wonderful holiday.

    Hang in there......you're not alone.