Update - Circle of strength, friendship, and prayer for Dammit Janet


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I actually know her address. I sent her granddaughter books once. I will send a card to her and her family with a self addressed stamped envelope. I'll write something heartfelt from all of us and ask to please let us know if she is ok. I'll sign our names from this thread.
Thank you! Just a heads up, make sure you don't put anything specific in the card that could lead an unintended reader to this website. I'm sure she wouldn't want anyone in her family to know about it.


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I hope and pray that she is okay. She was in horrible pain and this last year has been incredibly complicated for her. If I can find her address, I will send a card to her too. UAN, thanks for writing to her. I used to have her phone number, but lost the phone that had the number.


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I sent a nice card. I don't know anything personal about any of us and never mentioned the name of this site. I said I was an on-line friend, I told them I had their address from when I sent the gifts for her grandchild- they remember that stuff I'm sure. I said happy holidays and told them we miss her and hope she's well. I'm sure she would like to know we're thinking of her.

When Janet had meningitis her oldest came on here and posted what had happened. She left instructions for her family so he could do that. They totally know about us but I never mentioned it.


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Has anybody tried to put anything in the mail to her? I don't have her new address but somewhere I have the old address and her boys are still there so mail should get to her.


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Scent of Cedar, thank you for doing this.

Janet, I hope you are healing from your bruises and that you can keep your medications straight. And stay out of pain. I hope that for once, someone is taking care of you instead of the other way around.

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For Janet not to at least peek into the board is unusual at best. I certainly hope she is ok. Wasn't she going to be busy making soaps for xmas??

I don't drop in everyday over the past months, but I do try to peek in once in a while.

Janet, I hope all is well with you my dear friend. Saying prayers just in case.


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That's why I'm concerned too. She was going to busy making her soaps but I can't imagine her being too busy to at least check in once in a while and let everyone know she's Ok. I just hope and pray that all is well with her.


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I included a self addressed stamped envelope and paper. I sent it to the house her boys now live, hopefully they respond. At least they know we we are thinking of her.


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I too wanted to chime in with good thoughts that all is well with Janet. She really is a very important member of this board and her absence is very noticeable.


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I'm starting to get really worried. I checked her Facebook page, but it's been inactive for quite a while.

Does anyone have a phone number they can try to reach her at?