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    It's been since oct since I was on here last. husband had neck and spine surgery in oct and is doing good. He stil cant work but physically and emotionally good. As for me we lost our home and car and are having to start over. It is so hard, I have had 5 heart attacks since Jan. The doctor said I aint a candadate for surgery. Our easy child just got diagnosed as adhd but still a easy child. As for difficult child 1 and difficult child 2 are driving me crazy, they are out for spring break next week and I am tryiing to get psychiatrist to send them to XXXX mental health facility. put in a call this morning and still waiting.

    Am I doing the right thing sending them. difficult child 1 has stole money from us, is defient, curses, screams adn crys all the time. difficult child 2 is getting to be them same. I want to snatch her up and choke her most morings. I am affraid if I dont do something now they will cause my death. But I feel bad about sending them. Please I could use your help.
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    Hi weenie~
    I'm new to the boards, but I tell you it's all I can do some days to deal with my PCs and difficult child and I don't have any health issues or disabilities on top of it. Soooooooo, seeing as you don't have anyone (your husband) to help you in dealing with them full-time then I would send them where they can be cared for properly and you can have piece of mind knowing that you are not only looking out for their best interest, but you and husband's as well. The guilt is so hard to deal with sometimes, but as parents, we have to do what's best for all concerned. (HUGS)
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    I didnt get to send them, I went into the hospital on the monday they were out. They spent the week with family and so far they have been doing better. I just wish I could get one morning with no melt downs. IF I get one to be good the other is out of control. They started new schools this week so I am hoping maybe that will help. I just feel so overwhelmed some times, husband is a great help with them but sometimes he can make it worse or it seems worse. I am tryiing to quit smoking but the kids are making extremely hard. But I aint going to give up.