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    I know I have not been here in awhile. I have not been online at all. Have been SO busy. :)
    All is good. easy child is doing much better, - she does still get morning sickness, but it is much much less than the 24 hour nonstop way of before, FINALLY. She has stopped loseing, and she even gained 4 pounds. School is going well for her.
    I have been working clearing out our basement of 20 years accumulation to fashion some semblance of a mini apartment for her. It is VERY slow going, I am working alone.

    My son has grown so much in the last 3 months, he is now as tall as me- altho he is thin- and I had to go get him some new pants, yikes, it was hard to find them small enough in waist but long enough, LOL. My "baby" is now a "young man" I guess. LOL. This weekened he is going away to this leadership/antidrug thing- part of Operation Snowball. easy child had been going for 7 years, had been "staff" the last few years, this is my sons 3rd year going, and next year HE gets to be "staff" easy child begged to be the one to drive him there...I sure am going to miss him, LOL.
    As I said easy child is doing better, and one weekend she and her boyfriend went to the city by train to museum....the following weekend, she took my son and her boyfriend and they went to another museum, and then the weekend after that, easy child took difficult child to city to a country music festival- all by train. My kids have always been somewhat close, but are becoming even more so recently. easy child has been taking over some of the homeschooling here, at her request-----and evenings are filled with the 3 of them and pcs boyfriend playing board games in my kitchen. It amazes me the little changes the kids go thru, the way they relate to each other, and to me.

    We did find out the sex of the baby, a couple days after nvts found out the sex of hers. easy child is very happy, as is her boyfriend. Her boyfriend dad is also now becoming quite excited at the idea of grandfatherhood. He has taken to calling easy child once every other day to ask how she is doing, and if she needs anything. :) Sadly, bfs mom (his parents are divorced shortly after easy child and boyfriend began dateing) still refuses to even acknowledge the baby at all. This baby will be their first grandchild, as well as mine.

    I want to wish you all a good weekend.....and in case I do not get back online soon, a happy halloween, too. I hope you get far more treats than tricks. LOL.
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    wow. You have been busy. So nice to see the kids so close.

    So, you didn't say the sex of the baby. Is it a secret?
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    Dreamer, glad you posted. I've been wondering about easy child and the morning sickness. I'm glad she is doing better. Hopefully things will continue to progress. I totally understand being watching your kids finally get along. Its taken adulthood for mine to see each other as allies. But, its nice seeing that they do at least like each other.
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    Dreamer I've been hoping for an update on easy child. I'm glad the pregnancy is going so much better for her. And I hope she has a smooth ride from here on out. Sounds like she's been doing alot of maturing over these months. :) (heckova way to have to do it though huh)

    So IS the baby's sex a secret?

    My easy child is having another boy in feb. Actually today we're off to shop for baby clothes at the outlet mall, and if I happen to find great deals for the grands over in Mo all the better. :D Love spoiling grandkids, it's so much fun. lol

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    :) Nah, its not a secret, I wanted to be surprised at birth BUT easy child wanted to know--it is a boy. They had originally picked one name, but now have second thoughts......so, I THOUGHT i knew his name, but now? LOL.
    She is very excited, cuz she wanted a boy first.....
    All her friends have baby boys.....(difficult children friends have girls mostly) so- PCs friends have already passed everything on to easy child that she will NEED.......but......this gramma (me) is gonna shop ANYWAY. and we are haveing a baby shower-----so-----
    Aw, who am I kidding, YES I have already begun to shop! LOL- how FUN! easy child just does not KNOW I have begun.
    I am very sad bfs mom who lives very close to me has NO interest AT ALL in the new baby....even tho it is also her first grandchild......but it is fun to listen to bfs dad. and his girlfriend. they are VERY excited. :)
    And yeah, it is awesome to see my kids bonding so strong. I was always lucky, my kids were always pretty close, even with the difficult child stuff....my easy child was 18 months younger than difficult child and easy child always always since like age 3 has said "difficult child is just herself" and easy child seemed to always just somehow understand difficult child is just difficult child......easy child has always accepted it just as a fact and nothing else. And difficult child has always looked up to her younger sister, fully aware how competant her younger sister is, difficult child has been in awe of easy child all their lives. and LOL, baby brother? well he takes his 2 older sisters in stride, just like he takes EVERYTHING in stride. Heck, his best best friend is a girl. (same one since kgarten)
    My kids have always made me feel blessed, even when difficult child stuff was SO hard. The poor girls shared a bedroom even when difficult child was at her absolute WORST.......a TINY 8 ft by 10 ft bedroom......and it WAS dureing that time that easy child had enough and took herself down to the basement, even tho it was unfinished and set herself up a spot down there.....Mostly right now the difficulties are difficult child does not think PCs boyfriend is being enough of a partner for easy child and easy child hates hates hates difficult children boyfriend completely.
    Oh yeah, have no doubts, I am haveing fun looking at baby boy things.......and buying some of them.....LOL.....and I can hardly wait for easy child to decide just what decor she wants for the babys room-bedding etc.
    AND I sure cannot think of a better motivator for me finally working in earnest to clean up what took so many years of my illness and just pure chaos to create........a new baby was the key it seems for me to get moveing on things .but it sure is a LOT of work. a whole lot. :-(

    and..thos baby sure does love to POSE for his ultrasound pictures, too. LOL. I swear he looks as if he is poseing for them.
    Another exciting tidbit, easy child had midterms this week and seems she is aceing her classes, YAY.