Update for those who helped E with Algebra 2

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    Interim report card came last week- he had 1 A (English 12), 2 Bs (Algebra 2 and Bio 2) and an Incomplete for the Spanish 2 because he switched to a SAT prep class. We both thank all of you for helping get over the humps in the Algebra!

    Since he switched into the SAT prep class late, he has to make up work and all that is done except a SAT practice test which he's procastinating on. He's told me he'll do it tomorrow. The IEP could have been helpful for support in his tendency to self-sabatoge if he can't do something "perfect" but this sd is useless in the IEP dept.

    Senior photos came in- I'll try to post one or at least get a couple on my Facebook page after I get them scanned in- within the next few days, hopefully.

    AND- I got a typical teen Mom night! A teen girl asked E if he might like to go to the HS football game and meet up with her. A teen boy who also went to that HS had recently been killed in a car accident riding to school with another student so I was leary about E going to a Fri. night football game without me (or another adult) driving. (E doesn't have his license yet.) So I took him and just sat someplace else while he had somewhat of a date with this young lady, and they sat with her friends. He met me at the car after the game, on time! Can you believe it?

    I won't say he's a easy child but I will say I definitely think he's crossed his turning point.

    Thank all of you who have helped me and him and given us support, and continue to do so!
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    Just... happy!
  3. InsaneCdn

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    One step at a time - building, learning.
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    That makes my teacher heart happy to hear! Glad I could help.

  5. klmno

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    You were a big help, Kathy! I wanted to follow up and let people know that he has shown he really wasn't trying to get someone else to do his homework- he's trying his best in that regard and just needs help sometimes to adjust to mainstream sd from Department of Juvenile Justice where he hadn't had a "real" academic class for 2 years.

    Right on, IC!

    Thanks, Step! I take those moments of pride in him when I can, LOL! More importantly, I think he's learning "real" pride in himself and finding that he can integrate back into a typical teen life.

    Still, he struggles in some ways though. I asked him Fri. night if his best day "free" was better than his best day in Department of Juvenile Justice and he said "oh, yeah!". I asked him if his worst day "free" was better than his best day in Department of Juvenile Justice and he said that was a hard question and he couldn't answer. I think I'll have to continue my fight for juveniles and the cause for rehabilitation in a more effective way long after my son has past the age of being in this system.

    There are things this current PO has said to me that makes their way of thinking so obvious and really clarifies why so many warrior parents here have gone thru so much BS. I won't go into it right now but it sure gave credence to the position of "follow your mommy gut"!
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    I am sooooo happy that the little help he got here was all he needed (from us anyway). You should be smiling from ear to ear and so should he. Those grades are awesome!! I am even more happy that he's on his way over the hump. Yes, there will "maybe" be backslides on occasion but as long as the overall movement is forward, yea, that's all anyone can ask.

    WAY TO GO E!!!.....and Mom too!
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    Fantastic update. I expect to hear about other big steps forward this year. He can do it. DDD
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    E's working on the SAT practice test today and only has a fraction left to do. YIPEE..he'll finally be all caught up! I think it had something to do with wanting to ask the young lady out to a bull riding show/BBQ/live music event next Sat. afternoon and me telling him I'd be glad to drive them and give him money to take her, if she wants to go, IF he's got all homework caught up, cars get cleaned up, and no school is missed this week. (It's a local fundraiser for first-responders and wounded warriers so it's definitely a cause I would support.) We're in the country so there aren't too many options until he knows a person well enough to ask them to go to a city that's a little further away.

    The next hurdle will be getting college apps completed....if he still wants to apply for 4-yr colleges, but that can wait a couple of more weeks.
  9. InsaneCdn

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    It's always easier to get cooperation and compliance when there's a nice WIIFM...
    Of "course" he'll clean the cars, 'cause he doesn't want the gal to get the wrong impression...
    and of "course" he wants to go and take her, so... butt-moving is easier.

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    Im tickled pink.
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    Well I guess E heard too many stories about this young lady today...about her toying with teen boys that she really never will have a relationship with so E has decided to back away and regroup. Whatever. He might ask her out and he might not...main thing- the SAT practice test is done and he's learning typical teen life so this mom is happy tonight!

    Thanks again, Ladies! I'm sure I'll be coming back at my wits end at times but, hey, I'm taking the good when I can!