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    Hi everyone. A wee update. Just when things here settle a bit, something unexpected happens. Before Christmas I was admitted to the CCU for a ear/gland infection that spread through all my left side facial nerves, into my tongue. The swelling was insane, the pain on a scale I'd never have believed possible. Lost my hearing completely for nearly 2 weeks. I slowly got better but was sleeping something like 16-18 hours a day. Up an hour or two and down for the count again.
    Christmas/New Years was the most low key ever for me and the kids. Not a single family get together. I hosted nothing. I attended nothing. I was falling asleep on the couch after the kids opened gifts. Thank goodness they are understanding kids!
    New Years eve was redeemed. I went out to a party at a friends instead of my plan to stay in quietly and ended up having a nice time.
    A few days later, a Friday, I was to head out of town for a romantic night away with my boyfriend I recieved a call from easy child's father (she was with him for weekend for hockey/visit) that they were at ER. A whirlwind began as soon as I arrived at ER. I got there just in time to go with easy child for a cat scan which lead to news 30 minutes later that she needed an emergency appendectomy. From 8a.m. until 6:30p.m. when they finally took her to the OR for surgery I ran home quickly to get clothing for myself and supplies (I would be spending nights in her room) and then did the scared mama thing which of course I hid from easy child while putting on a brave face for her. She came through the surgery like a trooper. Spent a day more than usual in hospital for various reasons. I brought her home and she recouped very rapidly thank goodness. Then just when I thought it was over she starts with gastro issues. Turns out she picked up a common hospital born bug. It's been nearly a week now without stop for my poor easy child, this on top of a week recouping from major surgery for a 8 year old.
    With all this I finally managed only 2 days ago to put away Christmas decorations and set my house to right post holidays. I still haven't rehung wall hangings. The rocking chair in my kitchen still has a pile of decorations to pack away. They are calling me but I have no umpf to muster to put them away. This morning I realized indeed I have now caught easy child's hospital born bug and have alternatly been sleeping all day/night or running for the bathroom. Luckily she is gone to her dad's for a few nights so I have no competition for the one bathroom and also don't have to care for her while feeling wretched myself.
    difficult child has handled being shipped off at a moments notice to a family member (For easy child's surgery/hospital stay) very well and with understanding. I was to go tomorrow to set up his homeschooling with his high school principal. Oh. Did I tell you all I am going to (OMG!) begin homeschooling difficult child in a couple of weeks when his semester is over at school? Yup. I'm either the greatest mom ever or I have lost my blinking mind. Jury is out on that one. Anyhow so yes. Tomorrow I was to go to school. But with this bug I don't know I can do it so probably get it set up next week.
    I also go to my new neurologist next week. I'm so hopeful that this is going to be the appointment where some concrete avenues are offered for treatment. I am having ongoing issues without so many remission stages. Even when I appear to not be in a flare, I have lingering symptoms that no longer go away. My legs are the worst and the fatigue monster. I don't go a day anymore without problems in my legs. Wish me luck at my appointment if you can!!
    Anyhow, so it's been insane! Other things too petty to mention in my update have all conspired with some major stuff to leave me pretty drained and really at this point wishing there was someone else responsable as well for floating this boat I call a life with all of it's responsabilities. I'd love to just mentally check out and check into my bed with books, tea and some bedside meal service etc while someone else keeps the house and kids running smoothly. I'm sure you can all relate. Alas, not going to happen. So I continue to float the boat but I'm down an oar or something. Some stuff just isn't getting done.
    Today difficult child went to my brothers for the night. easy child is at her fathers overnight. I took the time time to do NOTHING. I have slept off/on all day and evening, spending my waking time in absolute silence in the house and reading a novel I haven't been able to finish for weeks now. I'm happily finished it and debating which in the pile beside me to begin next. I called today as a me day and hopefully it will help revive me to find that other oar tomorrow and possibly do some much needed laundry for the masses!!
    I look forward to catching up on reading the board. I admit that I do read a few posts from each forum every day still, even when I don't respond, because I would hate to just be absolutely clueless as to what is going on with all of you.
    Hope you all have a great melt down free weekend!

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    Whoa Melissa! Wishing you some seriously good "ju-ju"! You've GOT to be beat!

    I can't really do anything but offer some prayers, good wishes and cyber hugs!


    Good luck at the neuro's!

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    So just what ARE your decorations calling you? Do you think this is normal? Are they fancy decorations with an Irish brogue or just plain decorations speaking English?

    It's okay you're among friends here -you can tell us. ( discretely calls for State Bed and breakfast vehicle to come get Melissa)

    Sorry to hear it's been such a sick time for you all. And by sick I mean not feeling well, not that "Man did you see her boots they are sick" teenager talk.

    First time I heard my son say something was sick it was like my Mommy-Clara Barton senses kicked in and I was at the ready with ice chips, thermometer, and a barf bucket.

    Glad to see you back MM - missed ya.

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    I got worn out just reading that!

    Hope all is well and back to normal soonest!