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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by change, Sep 28, 2008.

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    Hi Everyone,

    We went to court 2 days before Ike hit. It went well. Now we go to trial Weds. I'm really nervous. Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers over the summer, now I'm asking again for some good vibes and some prayers our way this Weds. morning. My family needs them. Hopefully we can "wrap this up" and begin to really heal. Things have been a little better for my daughter but she still has so much anger towards her brother. She says she will feel so much better after this is all resolved legally. She had a big audition this last Saturday. Hopefully she was chosen. She's been chosen before for this production but she acted out a lot last year so I don't know. Only the principal of the academy knows what went on with her so she's been patient but I don't know if that's enough. It's a professional children's school and they're pretty picky. We're lucky they're still putting up with her.

    As usual, thanks for listening.
  2. Andy

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    Sending good thoughts for this week. I hope your daughter gets chosen.
  3. Wiped Out

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    Saying prayers!
  4. Lillyth

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    I know I'm new here & I don't know you, but saying prayers for you, both for the trial & the audition! As a non-working actress, I will send her all of my "getting chosen" energy as I am not using it right now... ;-)
  5. LittleDudesMom

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    sending positive thoughts for the trial on Wednesday. Also fingers crossed that your daughter makes the cut, it would be a good thing for her at this time.

  6. trinityroyal

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    Saying prayers and sending positive thoughts your way, both for the trial and for your daughter's audition.

  7. house of cards

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    Adding my prayers for your daughter to get some closure from the trial, for your difficult child to get the right help, and for you all to be able to heal and move beyond this. Fingers and toes crossed for the audition.
  8. change

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    Thank y'all for the prayers. We're home from the trial. Thank God. It's over. I'm sad but relieved. I can't believe it's really over. Our attorney says we still have to get through one more date in March but we don't have to show up. It's kind of more pertaining to our son and not to us. We officially were granted relinquishment today for the safety of our daughter with no charges against us. (Whew!) I'm very saddenned that it came to this. The judge called it a "Sophie's Choice" situation and stopped one of the attorneys from re-hashing any of the case's details aloud. I was so relieved because I can't bear to hear them. They turn my stomach. I will pick my daughter up early in about 30 minutes for a doctor's appointment. She will ask me right away about court but we've made a decision not to give her too many details today. We are expecting news of the audition today or tomorrow. I REALLY hope it's a yes. She soooooo needs it. Thanks again for your prayers, good vibes, etc. Keep them coming. I'll let y'all know either way if she's chosen.
  9. house of cards

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    Glad to hear it is over. This had to be so hard. (((((hugs)))))
  10. OpenWindow

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    I'm glad to hear it's over too. Now you can move on with the healing. Sending prayers that she is chosen!

  11. KTMom91

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    So glad you've gotten some closure on this. Hope your daughter had a wonderful audition!
  12. witzend

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    I hope that all will go well.
  13. change

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    Sadly, she wasn't chosen. Worse, for some reason, we didn't get the notification when everyone else did (e-mail) so she walked into the academy Sat. morning and they already had sheets out to be picked up by those whom were cast so I knew she wasn't. I called her over and told her to go ask the office about it but they wouldn't tell her. She asked her teacher and got a standard answer that notification had gone out on Friday. Finally my husband went into the office and asked and he even got the standard answer and then they e-mailed us the "decline" letter. It was awful. Especially since many in her level I think were chosen because they are the highest level eligible who are still tiniest to fit into the historical costumes. It was a surprise since she she has been cast the past 2 years and generally they re-cast "veterans". I think her acting out last spring had a lot to do with it. My family will be heartbroken. This holiday season marks the anniversary of all the tragedy and it would have been a very welcome distraction. They were already asking what cast she was in so they could purchase tickets. :(
  14. everywoman

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    Are there any open auditions in your area? PCdaughter, when she was dancing, often danced with various traveling ballet companies for local performances. Maybe you could find an oppportunity through another venue to placate both the family and your daughter. Poo-poo to the powers that be that would further hurt a child!!!!!
  15. witzend

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    Can you get her involved in the "Singing Christmas Tree" or "Sing along with The Messiah"? M did this to himself as well at one point. He was in an extra credit band class, and stopped going but didn't tell us. We had to finally ask his band teacher/music director what was going on. The next spring, when the musical came along, M really wanted the lead and practiced and gave a strong audition and got a minor supporting role. It was obvious that the musical director felt M was not reliable. He had also been acting out in every aspect of school except for his drama classes. It was a hard lesson for him, and I don't know if he understands it to this day.

    I'm sorry to hear that the school didn't deal well with it. I hope that she will know that you stood up for her dignity, even if you understood but couldn't agree with their decision. Hopefully this Christmas can be a new year with new things to celebrate instead of an anniversary of old hurts.