Update- good news and bad news

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    First the good news- well somewhat good news.

    I had a job interview a couple of mos ago but was not expecting the formal type, panel interview I walked into and after 25 years of interviewing, I have never had one like that. I don't think I bombed it but I'm not holding my breath that it comes thru, unfortunately. They told me they would let everyone know sometime in Jan. It's gov and they are known for crossing all t's and dotting all i's so I expect to get the generic email stating someone else got the job soon.

    But, my boss farmed me out to another office locally where 2 other people who work for my boss work, although in reality, they are working under different people. He did this partly because it was a way to get me off the travel schedule since I had talked to him about the possibility of difficult child coming back to live with me. Even though he knows that's unlikely now, at least for the enar future, he still sent me there to work because someone over there was telling him they needed my help- I don't think they did really, they were just trying to lighten their load and maybe doing me a favor. Whatever. Well, the big boss in that office knows my prof- my real one that I haven't actually worked in for 2 years- and he has asked that I help out with that sort of work since they don't have anyone else doing it, or who can do it. Of course, I said SURE! The reason they don't have anyone there doing it is because they were put under a hiring freeze. I knew that and knew that's why I saw no gov jobs listed for this area, except for people who'd just been cut from similar jobs. Anyway, then the gov rep in that office said he could write up something and put in a request to try to get something done- either to make this a permanent job and try to get me there around the hiring freeze, since I amphysically working there already, or to get it in the contract that is now being reviewed- I prefer the permanent job- the contract would keep me technically working for my same boss and this company that would never pay me what the job is worth and the benefits hoover big time. But at least, I figure these people could be a good reference for me if they like my work after a while and I do have to keep it just a temp thing. I feel good about it- it's one more toe, if not a foot, in the door!

    Bad news is completely Occupational Therapist (OT)- the attny I'd been talking to about difficult child, GH, PO, etc, has not gotten back to me like she said she would. It will be 2 weeks Wed. and I left her a VM last week. This makes me very uneasy- I really ddon't want to go thru trying to get a hearing in juvy court here without an attny and this one went to a mtg with me so she heard the koi PO and his super were spewing- she knows what's going on. This has really bummed me out. She knew I needed her staying involved and she is the one who said she would get back to me as soon as she could. I don't want to bug her but if she isn't going to be dependable or have time, I need to cut my losses and either go it alone or get someone else up to speed very quickly. It can take 30 days to get a hearing- I want a hearing held before difficult child is in GH with their goals for him written. The whole point is to ask for a reunification plan to be ordered.

    I haven't heard from difficult child in over a week- since the phone call when he told me he'd rather stay where he is- incarcerated- than go to GH. I told him not to get in trouble because no judge would consider anything for him or me if he did. He better not have gotten himself in lock again- I haven't rec'd a letter or phone call.
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    the work opportunity does sound good. Uh...sorry...but both the difficult child and the Attorney situation definitely don't sound positive. It "could" be that the Attorney took time off over the holidays and is way behind. It "could" be that your difficult child is purposely not contacting you to cause you grief. I'm hoping both of them get in touch soon. Hanging in limbo is not a good fit for your personality or mine, for that matter. Sending supportive thoughts your way. DDD
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    No, I don't do limbo well at all. LOL!

    difficult child isn't supposed to call Mon-Wed when school is going on but occasionally he'll get a staff member to let him- but in general, I don't expect a pphone call those nights. I did expect one, at least, over the weekend. Nada.
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    Good news on the work front. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

    About difficult child and the attorney? Boy, I would take the lack of content as a big hint that difficult child has advised the attorney to not talk to you. I know it's difficult, but it may be time to start planning for yourself without taking him into consideration. You can't live on pins and needles like this forever.
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    oh you could use some good news... I hope the job thing brings good news. Sure am hoping something just came up with lawyer... dont worry about bothering her though, you hired her, right? I'd call daily for sure.

    Always thinking of you...
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    This isn't officially his attny- she's never talked to him alone and she won't be since I'm not going to list her as a defense attny for him, so he would have no way to communicate that to her. I did hire her to represent both our interests right now though- unless it ever goes to court then she will request a GAL be apptd to difficult child if it appears it is getting to a point where it would be a conflict of interest..

    At one point the phone in the Department of Juvenile Justice unit tore up--I'm really hoping it's as simple as that.

    With her, I figure it's one of two things or a combination of the two- this is based on her being about my age in a laid back office with one partner where she can pretty much call her on hours and the fact that when I called once in Oct to get an appointment, they told me she wouldn't be available until mid-Dec- ok so 1) she really takes a lot of time off work, something like being semi-retired, or 2) she took time off in Nov, then in Dec, and now she's swamped. Or maybe she is fine with consulting me but for some reason, isn't comfortable pursuing this to court. I'm not sure- she's listed as a child GAL but I don't know, I did expect her to know a little more than she did about some things but she did know poeople that mattered and was able to pick up the phone and talk to them on a first name basis just to 'dig' for info about the juvy CSU here.

    thank you all- and yes, Witz, you are right- but I blame CSU's way of handling things for a WHOLE LOT of the pins and needles saga, although right now it's attny and difficult child. I'm not going to request a hearing until I find out what's going on with difficult child though. If he's done something major there and gotten in big trouble again, I might not ask for one at all.
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    Just a little follow-up: I called to find a higher up in state Department of Juvenile Justice office but have to call back tomorrow. I called to see hoe to request a hearing in this jurisdiction and check this out- she said I have to go thru CSU (meaning PO)- well, 'that ain't happnen'! I then called difficult child's counselor in Department of Juvenile Justice and asked how he is doing and if he's been in trouble because I hadn't heard from him. She said he's doing grat and she'll let him know I called and I talked to her about PO koi and she said she'd relay it to her super but she knew that it wasn't right- he is required to give us something in writing, have reason for placement, etc. OK, then what do I do? She said maybe her super could help. I'm going to call attny again tomorrow and if I can't reach her then, leave message to get back withme soon and let me know if she is still on this because otherwise, I need to get another attny on board.

    At least I know difficult child isn't in trouble and his counselor said she would talk to him and make sure he knows I do care and did not request this long term GH. I pointed out to her how during VC, PO refused to answer my questions and his super responded with "we'll let him out of group home when WE decide to", yet when I asked people in Department of Juvenile Justice facility things pertaining to my son, I don't get some defensive attitude or evasive answers, they tell me the status, requirements, etc. because that's the LAW! She agreed- even a judge isn't allowed to sentence a juvenile that way- with no length of time, specific requirement, or anything- and nothing in writing at all.
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    Where has this counselor been all along? Did she not get any input in any of this from the beginning (well duh, obviously not)
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    She's the one in charge of him at the Department of Juvenile Justice facility, on his unit. BUt no, she doesn't make the decisions re parole requirements. She can put in a recommendation and she didn't recommend GH as placement, however, since PO has his mind made up, she told him it couldn't hurt. The thing is, a true step-down program isn't supposed to add to the incarcerted time, it's supposed to be the last mos or a year, whatever, of the sentence. difficult child already has done his sentence- or will have in a few weeks.

    I'm trying hard to find out Department of Juvenile Justice's procedure for filing a complaint against PO/super. I know the way to do it if it's against the facility difficult child is in, but apparently there is no one checking to see if POs are doing what they should, and not doing what they shouldn't be. And now to find out that in this jurisdiction, you can't even request a hearing with a judge without going thru them....well, something has to give. They aren't God. And they can't have more power than judges or those running the Department of Juvenile Justice facilities (juvie prisons). I'm so ticked that if I can't get people in the central Department of Juvenile Justice office to do something, I'll go slap a suit down in a court higher than juvie court and send a copy to the media.

    Do you know I have even run across things on Department of Juvenile Justice's website about how to protect themselves from the media- but I can't find **** on guidelines for a PO or how to file a grievence or anything?