Update: He won't shower/she won't comb hair

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by MidwestMom, Sep 3, 2007.

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    This was what happened. Fist him.

    I simply told his Special Education Teacher, whom he has second hour, that if he has any body odor to make him shower. She showed me a great bathroom off her room--must be for life skills. It's private so he won't be embarassed by viewers, like in gym. But if he ONE TIME has to shower at school, I doubt it will ever happen again. He is pretty social for a spectrum kid and does care about what others think of him, although it doesn't occur to him that when he's ripe, others may find him offensive. The teacher is going to handle it in a good way. She's going to show all the kids the bathroom on the first day and tell them how important good grooming is and that she will make them brush their teeth and shower if necessary. She doesn't want him to stand out. Lucas is mainstreamed the rest of the day so he won't smell bad after that class no matter what...lol.

    My grown daughter (23 year old ex-difficult child) was great with my younger easy child when we visited Illinois last week to see her and my grown son. She showed her all sorts of hairstyles and used a child's relaxant on her hair. Then I capped it off by telling her we could use her $100 school wardrobe money at her favorite clothes store, Steve and Barrys (if you haven't tried it, VERY trendy, good clothes for VERY low prices). Daughter loves it, but there is no store near us so that required a long drive by me which I usually don't like to make. Daughter was thrilled and has worn her hair long with a headband ever since. SHE LOOKS GORGEOUS--everyone is complimenting her. And rubberbands aren't ripping her hair to shreds anymore. My big daughter did a great job picking out good products for AA hair and her hair can breathe and have a chance to recover. Best of all, nobody will ask her or me why she never combs her hair.

    School starts tomorrow AND it's my birthday. WHAT a birthday present...hehehehe :))) Thanks for all who helped me.
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    What a great update! I'm glad that his life skills teacher will help show him the way. And that is so great about the relaxant! I'm glad she's found a way to fix her hair that she likes. I hope school goes well! Have a great birthday!
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    I am so glad it worked out.
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    That is SO happy! What a win-win situation for all. Kudos to you for orchestrating all of that!
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    Wonderful update! Happy Birthday! :smile:
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    Great when things finally fall into place for kids.....and Happy Birthday!
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    Woo hoo! <span style="color: #3366FF">Way To Go! </span>Your son will be hygenic and your daughter, forever beautiful.
    <span style="color: #FF0000">Happy Birthday!!!!</span>

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    So glad that you found a solution to the shower thing and the hair thing. What a great way to start the new school year.