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    Its been a while, and its been a long and bumpy road alright.
    I think I've done a great job detaching from the two oldest ones, and I know I am
    doing a great job with the youngest.

    I said I'd make sure to come back here and post about my/our experiences with the
    Order of Protection (07). I think the requesting and obtaining the order of protection was
    the best thing to do at the time for myself and my girls. True enough, difficult child broke
    the OP several times and of course without consequences.

    Now, in regards to defending myself against easy child 1's (the middles) domestic battery
    charge and filing for an OP from me (by her father since she was a minor), and for
    the custody motion motion by the father for both girls (easy child 1 & easy child 2) (09). Well,
    it was expensive, took a week in court (family), but the OP request and the custody
    motion were dismissed. The domestic battery charge probably took six more
    months to dismiss (cops don't like to admit they were wrong around here), and
    only when I demanded discovery in the case.

    Phew, now ('11). easy child 1 is very very mad at me (losing the OP request), but I think
    I did a great job detaching from here the minute she left my care and custody in 09.
    (difficult child 1 took 8 months, and easy child 1 only 3 months). easy child 1 wants complete and total
    liberty with her sister and I while I tried unsupervised contact with her younger sis,
    I resolved the issue in '10, with never allowing her unsupervised contact again.

    In Feb of this year, I requested an extension to the current OP. I was hit with a motion
    for me to pay difficult child 1's legal fees (07 onward). I then found a lawyer to assist.

    So, on Wednesday I went to court for the child support issues. Of course ex wants
    me to pay all of easy child 1's college tuition and of course will be on unemployment another
    year (totaling 2.5 years). Also, amazingly enough, I was served with an OP hearing
    from difficult child 1, right there at the courthouse.

    Okay, now it is important to note that easy child 1 is now an adult and wants to be removed
    from the OP. Of course I do not object. But she is stating that I "forced" her to lie
    about difficult child 1. Her father now pays three lawyers, one for difficult child 1, easy child 1, and himself.
    Also, it is important to note that the judge did not just "wipe" her from the order,
    that he wanted her to testify and would decide at the end of the trial about
    her request to be removed and the legal fees involved

    So, on Monday we go court with interrogatories completed by difficult child 1 and myself.
    easy child 1 (thus petitioner to petitioner) does not have her's complete and has held up
    proceedings because she was away at college.

    Then on Thursday, I go to court to prevent the OP from difficult child 1 against me. This
    motion was filed pro se, and I have representation.

    So... possibilities are the cases could be adjoined with the judge asking for easy child 1's
    interrogatories...case set a month from now....or a hearing on Monday....a hearing
    on Thursday with the possibility of being continued while defense's 3 lawyers
    motion to enter and motions for requests for new interrogatories.

    PS. Of course I'm looking for a motion for me to pay all of these fees, and of
    course a motion for custody of youngest sometime in the ordeal.

    I guess I'm posting all of this for anyone wondering about the process...I'll post
    later my feelings/emotions and how littlest is handing it all.