Update on 12 yr. old son

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by strongmanslady, Nov 6, 2009.

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    This has been a bad week. My son has had tantrums every day since Tuesday. It seems to come on all of a sudden. He is fine all day, we eat dinner, clean up, watch tv or a movie and then boom - he starts getting very angry and upset. He says he doesn't know why he is so angry. He said he feels fine one minute, and the next he feels anger coming on. He is also complaining about bad leg pains. He was screaming out from the pain last night. He actually came home from school today because of his leg pains. I am taking him to his pediatrician today and hopefully and he will give me some answers or help. I need to find out also if the steroid medications that my son has been on for the last couple of months (given to him when he had pneumonia and is continuing to take for asthma) is any reason for this change in him.
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    My son is 12 and has been crying with leg pain. The doctor said it's only growing pains. I remember my brother crying:sad-very: with pain at the same age and his doctor said the same thing.
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    Oh, I'd definitely try to get him off the steroids if possible. There is no medical proof (I don't think) but my son seems to be triggered by some allergy medications, albuterol, and steroids. Some doctors will argue that but some are starting to acknowledge it. (Anti-depressants too but that's different.)

    As far as leg pain, it could be real growing pains. When the boys hit puberty and start having more major growth spurts, it is common for them to have leg pain and cramping. At least when I took my son to his pediatrician with the same complaint that is what I was told.

    Also, if he is suffering depressssion, it is not uncommon to start getting complaints of major pains when there is no cause, or only minimal pain.
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    Just got back from son's doctor. Doctor is leaning toward a couple of things regarding sons behavior. It could very well be bi-polar, since his dad and step-sister have it. He suggested though that I take son off his medications (which contain steroids) and see how things go for the next couple of weeks. I am hoping this is the problem. If not, in all likelyhood it is bi-polar and I will have to seek psychiatric evaluations for him. Feel very sad right now.