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  1. Hi everyone. It's been ages since I have been here. That is good and bad. Aly is doing really, really well. Freshman year in HS and on the Frosh Volleyball team. So beautiful and TALL! Doing well in her special day class, still at about a 3rd grade level, but getting As and Bs and on Honor Roll. I am so happy her school acknowleges good grades even in Special Education classes.

    Jayme, now 7, is showing more and more signs of being on the spectrum. Kinda struggling with her at the moment and pediatrician doctor isn't too keen on having her tested. So, you know me, Warrior Mom, will look into it on my own. Her social anxiety is off the charts and her tics have really taken off. She is too stinkin' smart for her own good, lol!

    My bad news is, my mom passed away on 9-9-11. It was after a 7 month battle with bladder cancer. It was actually a very serene passing with family surrounding her. I am sad, but relieved she is out of pain.

    My main reason for posting today is that Aly had a Power Point presentation last week and I just have to share it. Might give a little hope to those that are hurting today. Keep in mind, this is a 14 yo with the mind of about a 3rd grader. She got help from her teacher to make it flow but her teacher assures me that the idea were all Aly's. The subject was "Sterotypes":

    I am an African American girl who was born in XXXXXXX.

    My mother was addicted to drugs and alcohol.

    I was diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

    Because of this, I have a learning disability.

    I was adopted by a white family.

    My adopted family is very white and I'm very dark skinned African American.

    People always stare at us every where we go.

    They look at us in shock and wonderment.

    Sometimes people make rude comments to us.

    Some people tell us that I shouldn't be with a white family.

    My experiences with stereotypes:

    I was the only African American at my school in XXXXX, CA.

    They called me names like "*****" and "Brownie". Sometimes they would push me and call me the "B" word.

    Just because I'm African American in a white family doesn't mean I'm a foster child.

    People think I'm not good enough

    Staring never stops.

    I'm not dumb because I am in Special Education.

    My name is Aly and I am a great person.

    I love my family.

    I'm lucky to have been adopted by a loving family.

    I'm a very good person.

    I'm a strong student athlete, I'm on the volleyball team and I'm going to tryout for basketball.

    I'm a good friend.

    I'm outgoing, creative and understanding.

    I don't care what people think.

    I'm happy to be me.

    I am so proud of her I can't stand it, lol!

    Anyways, will read up on what y'all been up to. I miss you all!

    Hugs, Vickie
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    That's very moving, Junglelandmama! I am glad things are going well for your daughter. We need good news :)
    by the way, a good friend of mine also has a border collie called Calli... small coincidence.
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    My adopted AA/Hisp son also has a White mama.... Luckily we have other family of color (cousins) and sounds like we are also in a much more diverse area/neighborhood and school?....still we have had a few uncomfortable moments. Mostly now it is just when kids will say....that's not your mom, you dont match. Of course we have discussed it and he doesn't even pay attention anymore.

    I admit---more tears (it has been one of those days) came when I read this. Really touching, and I would be all puffed up too! So great that she has developed such a strong sense of self.
  5. Malika, thank you for your comments. My Calli is a rescue, they had named her Cow because of her coloring, but I just couldn't call her that, lol! She reminds me of a calico cat, thus "Calli".

    Keista, thank you!

    Buddy, thank you. We moved to a much more diverse area this past summer. Things are much better here than the school she was talking about, but there are still ignorant people around and Aly is super sensitive to the race thing.
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    Hi Vickie!

    I've missed seeing you and often wondered how you and Aly were doing! Beautiful news on Aly - she certainly has come a long way......Odd how pediatrician doctor doesn't want to have Jayme tested.......but you know the drill now!

    Thanks so much for the update - don't be a stranger!

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    I remember you well because you and I both have daughters of color. I had tears in my eyes reading Aly's letter. You did such a good job with her. I'm proud of her too! Both of you!
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    Beautiful. Just so much to be proud of.
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    I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. As for Aly, wow, I almost cried reading that poem, absolutely amazing!