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    Well this is just an update. My daughter has TAKS tomorrow and the next day. I am so stressed out about it. I think she'll pass reading but not the math test. We got nowhere in the ARD. We have to reconvene. Also, she has already been told she has to go to summer school even though her therapists says it's not in her best interest emotionally. If she doesn't go, she has no hope of passing to the next grade. Her therapists also say it's not in her best interest to be retained. We have to do it...and she STILL might be retained. :biting: Also, my husband and I have our court date coming up. We think we found a new attorney (our original one fell ill) but we lost a lot of money with the first and now have to start all over with a new retainer and all. It *****.

    Also, my daughter used to be "fierce" in an activity that she does an an elite school of the arts but now I don't know how well she's really doing there and I've paid a ton of money for a summer session and in reality, I'm sure she's behind. The principal of the school is being patient because she knows what happened but technically, my daughter probably shouldn't be there anymore. I don't know what to do about that. She claims to still ove it but I don't really see her putting her heart into it like she used to. Since we (parents) aren't allowed to watch at all, I won't know for sure until parent day coming up. At a recent performance, she made an error on stage and she usually doesn't. I hate to "make the decision" for her to quit anything and her therapists say it's best to leave her in it but I don't know.
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    My difficult child has a wonderful therapist he has been seeing for years and I do trust her judgement. However, when it comes to my difficult child, I always, always go with my gut.

    I mention this because you say that summer school is not thought to be in her best interest by her therapist and the art program is thought to be in her best interest by the therapist. What do you feel is best for your daughter?

    Question, how many classes are we talking about her having to take in summer school to not be retained? Can she be homebound instead? What about the scheduling conflict with the arts program you signed her up for if she were to go to summer school?

    The art program may be a really good outlet for your daughter to express herself, that may be why the therapist thinks this is a great thing. I think art programs of any type (visual, musical, stage, etc.) are wonderful for our challenging children. However, if she is falling behind and struggling with the program, how do you believe that will affect her? I think that program needs to be a wait and see until parent's day.

    Hope you find some answers and come to some decisions that help your daughter move foward.

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    Thank you Sharon. It is a good outlet. I guess my gutt says to stick it out with the arts program. Generally, I know she's lucky to even be in the program still. It's an audition only facility and I'm surprised they've been so patient with her. She used to be on their fast track but not anymore. She's still in their main school (they have an open-school division too) and I'm never sure how she's doing compared to her peers until I see on parent's day. Sometimes she's fabulous but when her hearts not in anything, it REALLY is not in ANYTHING. Know what I mean? I don't get her. She even self-sabotages. She's the queen of that. Really, she would be content to just "sit and be left alone" most of the time. It's not healthy at all. She has no goals most days. We are very worried about her future.

    I really want them to allow me to be the one to home school her for summer but I don't think they'll go for it if she fails the TAKS today. I'm not certified to teach her grade level. Also, she would have to re-take the exam in summer school.

    Yes, the arts program does conflict with summer school somewhat. It begins 1/2 way through summer school and she would have to leave summer school 1.5 hours early every day. I know they would probably penalize her for that.