Update on Bart and the legal custory front

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    So his ex went to court pro se. This was regarding a motion she put forth to subpena her "star witness" who is a psychologist she took Junior to see. In their parenting plan, they are supposed to see him together if they have coparenting issues, but s he never tells Bart when s he is going to take Junior to see him.

    Bart's lawyer then asked Bart to ask for the records. He did not want to subpena until he had exhausted all other options so Bart went to his office, after talking to psychologist, to get records.

    Apparently, psychologist didn't have any, although he had told Bart to come and seemed puzzled about what was going on. Would not put it past ex to say psychologist was an "expert witness" for her without telling psychologist about it. At any rate, Bart's attorney won a motion to quash her subpena. He is going to try to get this psychologist off their parenting plan and so far everything he has asked for, the lawyer has gotten. Ex had to sign the motion the quash.

    So things are still going well. So much for ex and her plan to move far away so that Bart would have trouble seeing his son. All she accomplished so far by going to court is to find out SHE is the one who will have to do a lot of driving and that the Judge is not going to change Junior's school to one that is closer to her. Bart is headed for residential custody.

    Depositions are coming. Bart's attorney is so good, yet not abusive, and his ex is so, well, not intelligent and blurts out unhelpful things...wish I could be a fly on the wall. I have no idea why ex thought it was a good idea to move so far away with limited funds to fight for what she wants. Status quo usually rules the day anyhow....the Judge has reamed ex out a few times already and did so to her lawyer when she had one.

    Ok, that's all for now.
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    BOOM! Sounds like Bart is in good hands with that attorney! Glad everything is going so well for him!
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    Crossing fingers and toes for Junior and Bart. Thanks for the update, looking better and better. Yay!
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    WOO HOO!! This is good news.

    I would guess this whole thing with her is about power. She is probably very insecure and feel inferior to Bart and if she can "control" all things where JR is concerned then she wins. It's just so sad that she can't see the damage that she's doing by fighting so hard to hold on.

    I'm happy for Bart that things are working out for him.