Update on Bubba's prednisone...

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by witzend, Feb 5, 2008.

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    Talked to the vet specialist this week. She said that she had him on the lowest dose possible to get him started, and to up it just a little bit. He is doing so much better!

    The good thing to know is that once he is better we will be weaning him off of it completely, and he shouldn't need it again unless he gets into a similar situation with the allergies again. That is a real relief! I thought we were going to end up with a sickly fat dog on steroids who would start peeing on the carpet. That's not my Bubba!
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    I thought of Bubba when I watched the Superbowl - and the Budweiser commercial. Oddly enough he's the only dalmation I know personally.

    Fingers crossed for his good outcome.

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    Witzend --

    Our dog Allie had horrible allergies -- she was even allergic to people dander (so technically, she was allergic to all of us). Luckily for her & us, the allergies didn't present themselves until she was @ 6 yrs. old.

    Our vet put her on predinisone when her allergies were at her worst, and it really helped her. The only major side effect was the amount of water she drank -- she'd go through many, many bowls of water in one day. We avoided keeping her on predinisone full-time because of potential liver damage.

    In the moderate allergy times, we used a spray on the areas she would try to nip at the most (her front paws, esp.). I can't remember exactly what it was called.

    No advice on what to look for re: tumor growth, but I'd ask the Dr. to keep an eye on Bubba's blood count -- it can be an early indicator that something other than the allergies is causing a problem.

    Glad to hear Bubba's doing better -- it's always better in the house when everyone, including the furry family members, is feeling well.

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    Sounds like Bubba is doing much better on prednisone than I am! Glad to hear that he's doing better & will be able to wean off. :beautifulthing:

    Now is it okay to have my neurologist call your vet? :pet::doctor::rofl: