update on cherub - please pray

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    Well, when I went to the hospital yesterday, Cherub had changed rooms. she was nowhere to be found. The nurse said, "she's with her mother?"
    What? I'm her foster mother, her mother isn't here! But she was. she had caught the train back the night before.
    To cut it a little short, because I had put off allowing the dad (THE ONE WHO .....) she saw that as a cue to decide that Cherub is not going to live with me after she gets out of hospital....
    I pled with her, and tried to explain my position in trying to protect the cherub, to no avail. She doesn't believe he would do such a thing, and I'm therefore "crucifying him" as though he had. My response was calm (but not really) that I wanted someone from the dept to continue to supervise the visits, and didn't feel up to having him come up while cherub was already stressed.
    It didn't go well. The hospital called the social worker to talk to us. Biomum told them a load of rubbish and they left to make their calls.
    I called the dept to let them know she was back, they were not aware. I told them my psoition and that I'd be putting in a complaint about the way they are handling the protection of this child.
    I'm waiting on another call from my other contact higher up (The Children's Commission). The headache won't go away!
    I stayed and played with cherub a little, but usually if mum is there I stay out of the picture. My only stress now is that biodad might get snuck up there regardless.

    Today (Thursday ) is the barium enema and tomorrow the x ray.
    Biiomum thinks that just because this clean out has happened, she's cured and now she'll cope. Boy is she in for a shock.

    Guess, in one respect, I have to step back and let it happen.
    Pity thogh, she was doing so well,and her school so supportive.
    Mum will do the usuall, milk all the resources for what she can get out of them, but give nothing of herself to her child's condition. I want to cry.

    Poor daughter, she was stressed too. And had the Eisteddfod to go to later.
    Miraculously, with lots of prodding from me, she was fine.
    She won the Championship!!
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    I hope you prevail. Sometimes "the best interest of the child" seems to confuse the system. I'll say a prayer for you all. DDD
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    Trish, here's hoping all your activism will bear fruit. Sometimes you have to let the train wreck happen, for people to begin to get it. Very sad.

    Bio-dad surely knows he's under surveillance now. Let's hope, anyway.

    Congrats to daughter for doing so well, despite the hassles.