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    medications told the story....loud and clear.

    we have a new psychiatrist, and i say that with such relief it isnt even funny. in defense of the other psychiatrist's, he DID have more info than they did...but he's my new hero

    i have never, in my life, seen what i saw when she was on concerta. we did only 2 days at 18mg....by day 3, she by all rights should have been hospitalized. everything from not being able to string a grammatically correct sentence together, bizarre thought patterns, emotions changing every 10 min. or so, severe behavior and head slamming, paler than a ghost, exhausted, etc. not things you can fake, and not things any reasonable person could mis-interpret...

    terrified wasnt the word for me. "good" psychiatrist never returned my call (in fact, i think she finally did TODAY--this is 5 or 6 days later?????!) oh, and did i mention she's taking off the entire month of feb??

    i was very lucky that i still had an open appointment for the original psychiatrist *I* made an appointment for and was able to scramble with insurance to get it covered.

    it was a THOROUGH appointment. he "got" her.

    mood disorder. period.

    i didnt feel the need right then to nail it down further--i'll deal with specifics next appointment.

    and he saw that the Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) stuff is not the issue, nor should it have impacted her like this. i could read on his face that my difficult child is the type of "better identified kid" who should have maybe not been "identified", but in the chess club or some other place filled with quirky people..

    rx for abilify to start low, go slow with. case closed. he bluntly flat out said that until we deal with the mood disorder with necesssary medications, the rest arent reasonable expectations right now.

    and that sounds exactly right to me.

    i DO want to thank you ALL...the second, most important thing after the medication story was my parent report. i typed out everything i could think of since june...it was 5 pages long. overkill, i'm sure, but needed to be in black and white. (in fact, i made husband read/edit for me, and his one comment was OMG, she looks like a disaster walking...even HE didnt realize til he saw it all in one place) but it helped to tell the story way better than me sitting there trying to tell someone in a few minutes. i absolutely think it was one of the best pieces of advice i've ever gotten, and i want to tell anyone else new and overwhelmed to try to get your thoughts on paper....it really does help!
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    What a nice post to read. I'm delighted that you found the right fit. This CD group is amazing and worth it's weight in gold. Yeah, team. DDD
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    Phew! Whew!

    I'm so glad that you were able to find a psychiatrist who listened to you, saw what was going on with your difficult child and made the appropriate medication changes.

    We had our difficult child (who is also a dual diagnosis mood-disorder-and-Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)-spectrum-kinda difficult child), on concerta and an SSRI, and he was in full-on mania. Stims and mood disorders are a real disaster.

    And so very glad that the parent report was such a success for you. I think that having everything written down provides a body of evidence for the "experts" that you're not just a worry-wart over protective parent, but that you have empirical evidence of a very serious problem that needs to be addressed.

    You go, warrior mom.

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    Your experience with concerta closely resembles what happened with Jett when he was on concerta. Worst part of that was that he does not (as far as we can tell) have a mood disorder. Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) maybe even Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), but not ADHD for sure!

    I am glad you found someone to listen and that the Parent Report was helpful. It's helped us, too!
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    disclaimer: i most certainly DO NOT reccomended doing what i did--its a scary and dangerous thing to do, so for anyone who is reading this and thinking maybe its a good idea, its NOT.
    my daughter's case was very unusual with a lot of extraneous factors clouding the diagnosis'ing and it had become a very desperate situation. we need a LOT of info very, very quickly.
    thank you all for the kind words....

    i know we have a long road ahead of us, but for the first time in her life, i feel pretty good that its at least the right road. no more "guessing this" and "guessing that"....

    she was scheduled for neuropsychologist testing on tues....i'm going the distance, LOL. but i did put it on hold until she's stable so i can get the proper info out of it to further redefine the needs not related to mood disorder. i'm guessing once properly medicated some of the auxillary stuff will go away and we can truly focus on whats left. she will definitely need proper accomodations to meet her 2e needs...

    the school psychiatric was an instrumental part in all of this, and she deserves a lot of credit too.

    i just got off the phone with her and we are planning a slightly modified day with home tutor for the single trigger class--its a good option for daughter. (except the part about home--i'm not introducting any new wackadoo plans in my HOME!) now i just have to get the dr to write for it...of course his direct casemgr is gone for today, lol so i'll work more on it tomorrow. without saying so out loud, some of the school personnel is apparently being held somewhat accountable for their piece of this--and thats a good thing too. and i'm finally getting a bunch of info on the sly--some things i had a feeling about and some that i had no idea...school is a major problem without a mood disorder, and it has nothing to do with my kid.

    and i made it clear today, they better prepare now for the next iep. cause *I* am playing for all the marbles, and i never lose ;-)...while they know some of my "mom" story, they dont actually know about my professional life, which falls under the dept of ed, and my role has a big element of ed advocacy and technical support. it only seems like i just fell off the turnip truck....(i felt that laying low and being nice was in daughter's better interest before and didnt even insist on iep compliance, of which they are routinely out of compliance). and todays meeting of the minds know it, and know *I* know it.

    one thing at a time...first she gets stablized.

    thanks for understanding....if i said i'm finally relieved my daughter was diagnosis'd with a mood disorder to anyone else they'd think i might need some therapy....