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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Janna, Nov 24, 2007.

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    So, Wednesday was awful. Even gave him a 1/2 Melatonin to go to sleep, usually knocks him out cold within an hour, didn't do squat. Wound tighter than a rope.

    So, Thursday morning I called the Residential Treatment Facility (RTF). The Dexadrine should be given to Dylan at 8 AM, but there is an hour window, so he could take it as early as 7 or as late as 9. It was around 8ish when I called the Residential Treatment Facility (RTF). Spoke to the nurse there for a bit about what I was seeing (TONS of crying, TONS of shirt chewing, TONS of inflexibility and up/down emotional stuff). She called the psychiatrist (it was Thanksgiving, I didn't expect him to get right back to me). She said if I hadn't heard from her by 9, to make my own call as to giving Dylan the medication or not. By 9:15, I hadn't heard anything, so I gave Dylan the 10 mg. dose.

    Of course, 5 minutes later she called and said, "psychiatrist said don't give him any more Dexadrine over his TL (theraputic leave)" :smile: Hahahaha....oh well.

    So, I had 10 people here Thursday around 3. Dylan seemed okay. I was so busy cooking and stuff, I didn't have ALOT of time to watch Dylan over the 12:00 hour to see if the wearing off effect was making him crazy, but I let him in front of the Playstation for about 4 hours, so he was quiet. I hate doing that, but well, I had to cook lol.

    Today we had a very small incident, but was due to the Playstation again (frustration over losing - turned it off), and it was over in 7 minutes or so. No raging, no freaking out. Few tears, typical for my son, and it was over.

    So, his last dose was Thursday morning @ 9. I gave him a 1/2 Melatonin before bed last night, went right to sleep. He's much happier today, no shirt chewing at all since yesterday morning.

    I don't think I'm willing to sacrafice side effects anymore, and this may be a huge issue for my son. I'm not going to allow them to give him this drug if it's going to cause him to be the way he was on Thursday, even if he's only that way for a week, or two weeks, or whatever. I'm just not going to put him or my family through it. NO way, NO how.

    So, when I drop him off tomorrow night I'm going to make sure the nurses know they are NOT permitted to give him the Dexadrine Monday A.M. because I will be talking to psychiatrist. We'll have to try something else.

    In answer to the Game Boy question in the other thread, yes, he's allowed to have it at the Residential Treatment Facility (RTF). They have X-Box, Playstation II and Game Cube all there for the kids. They are earned, and I think they're only allowed 10 minutes at a time, but it's there. Game Boy he can play, every day.

    Oh, I also haven't given him any Flonase since he's been home. Hmmmm.....

    He is a little hyper today. Loads off task. It's freaking hard but you know, it's easier than dealing with what I had on Wednesday. All that crying, and clothing biting and anxiety. Nope.

    Hope everyone had a good Turkey Day!
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    Janna, as I told you, for kids on the autism spectrum, ADHD behavior is the norm and is not always seperate ADHD. Some kids benefit from stimulants, come get worse on stimulants. Truly, the interventions helped my son more than any medication could have. He did not do well on stims and would cry a lot and get aggressive (something we did NOT want). So we took him off stims and he was better. Inattention, in my opinion, can be handled in other ways, especially Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) inattention. (((Hugs))) Hey, you owe me an e-mail, right? :wink:
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    I hope you find some benefit from medication. I have this hope that stimulants may be of some help to Danny at some point. I'm putting them off as long as possible. 4th grade is next year and I may give it a try. Though I realize Danny could have the same reaction as Dylan. Right now Celexa seems to be helping his anxiety (about 50 percent).

    My thoughts are with you and Dylan.

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    I'm sorry the Dexadrine was a bust. Sounds like he is better off without it. I know it's hard. Hugs.
  5. jannie

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    Sorry it didn't work out...I hope he did better the rest of the weekend without it....
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    Thanks for the update, Janna. I had to chuckle when you wrote that the phone call came just after you'd given him more Dexadrine. C'est la vie.
    I hope he's better today.