Update on difficult child and the purloined wedding rings...some good comes out of everything

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    I posted earlier about my difficult child and her complete lack of respect for other people's property. She had taken my wedding rings from her dad's house - wasn't even a bit remroseful about having taken them and was planning to wear them on a chain.

    When I recovered from my complete shock over all this, I calmly told her she had to either put them back, or tell her dad she'd taken them.

    She told him - in a way that was almost equal to the blithe way she told me. At that point, she was sporting them on a chain around her neck and he (like me) was so shocked, he couldn't really react.

    Well .. in a very un-Ossy like fashion, he did react. He called her (left her a VM instead of talking .. a bit Ossy-like, but I can forgive it) and told her she needded to return them to him by tomorrow. He went on to say that, had she asked, he most likely would have given them to her, but that she simply could NOT take things from his (or anyone's) home.

    He is planning to have his placed re-keyed and he is no longer going to leave it unlocked (which I aLways thought was the height of stupid, but who asked me?).

    He even said to me on the phone "I know a lot has happened, but I will never forget standing outisde (the jewelery store in California 35 years ago...) and seeing them and knowing they were perfect. They mean way more to both of us right now than they can possibly mean to her, and I don't want her selling them because she thinks it's convenient". Yeah. I remember, too. And I don't, either.

    His normal MO would be to ignore and to not hold her accountable. I guess this hit a nerve.

    She is on his cell phone plan, but pays for her own bills. She, insanely, ran up $300 a few monthos back because I don't have WiFi and she was using the phone here online. Prior to this, he'd told her she could purhase a router for $40 and not run up huge charges. It took her a month to do this. Long story short, she had a huge phone bill and now she's behind on that, her rent and she let her car insurance lapse.

    If she doesn't pay her bill by the 23rd, he's going to pay it (because it affects his credit rating) and he is going to come and take the phone, or turn off the service.

    This is huge. Finally, I am not the only bad guy. This won't last forever, but I'll take it.
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    Woah she had no right taking those rings. That is not right. I'm glad ex feels strongly about it.
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    Yay Mr Ossy...
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    Finally some support from Mr Ostrich! It's about time...
  5. I'm so glad that DEX stepped up to the plate and played the role of parent! I'm also glad that he had enough respect for you and your previous relationship to be as concerned about those rings as you are.

    Sounds like a step in the right direction for him and maybe this will get difficult child's attention now that you're not the only 'bad guy'.