update on difficult child...considering certain changes

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    I wouldn't advise lying to your child about calling the cops to institute fear in him. Someday--even as a child--he may be in a situation that he needs to make an emergency phone call himself. I know you're in a tough situation but he's only 7: he needs help.
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    Just want to comment on the police calling. We used that for awhile....same situation...I was getting things thrown at me in the car, hit, kicked, grabbing the steering wheel. Pulled into the station, worked like a charm.....made it home safely. The family started using it around the house because difficult child would ask...."you call the police". We would pretend. Worked short term. Obviously the things started continuing on after the "phone call" & no police showed up! THEN one day, we got in a car accident.....police showed up....the child was a mess!!!!! I think she related the all of those pretend calls to that accident somehow.....and she was actually being tolerable so far in the car that day. Then, there we were in a pile up on the highway. I feel that I learned something on that day because I know it affected her somehow. So I was wrong for doing it in the first place. NOW, I stop the car....get out & sit until she's calm (sometimes it takes quick thinking, knowing she will run in traffic & such....but works & I feel better about it).

    I hope the pediatrician appointment goes well & the B&G club sounds like a good idea:D
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    well I have only pretended /threatened once or twice and that resulted in smashed phones (difficult child II's quick fix). I call, I have called on both difficult child's and the police in my current home town are great (thankfully it is a small town) they come and give the "scared straight speech" sometimes it works (always works for difficult child I) but now that difficult child II is getting really bad again I am leary that he could be charged with assaulting an officer.:sad-very: