Update on difficult child, now looking for a rehab centre in Newengland, pm me if you know one

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  1. Well, something had to happen. difficult child was on probation for a firearm possesion without a fid card after his case was continued without a finding. Monday, a warrant was issued for his arrest after he violated probation for three things - failing to report to the po, failing to pay probation fee, failing to start his community service. According to the po, difficult child was supposed to see him on wednesday, but instead called to say he wasn't feeling well. The po asked him to bring a doctor's note on thursday or fax it to him. difficult child did neither because of course he was lying. He refused to answer the po's phone on thursday, so on monday that's when the warrant was obtained. The police came to the house with the warrant on monday, and i called difficult child to tell him to report to the probation office, but he never showed. Monday evening, i asked him to come home so i could give him a ride tue morning and help him pay the fees, he refused to come. All day i tried to persuade him to go, but for some reason he wouldn't go. This morning he showed up in my house at 8.00am and together we went to the probation office.

    The po was furious. Apparently, difficult child had been stopped two weeks ago while driving a "friend's" car and when they were stopped the other kid ran away from the cop but difficult child remained. He didn't have anything in the car so the cop let him go but he called his probation officer to report the incidence. Also when we went there today, anyone could tell difficult child has been smoking something and the po wanted to drug test him, but instead difficult child told him ya he has been smoking now and then and didn't want to do a drug test. So the po was all ready waiting to violate difficult child no matter what his explanations were. He brought him before the judge and explained what has been going on and let the judge know he didn't think difficult child was learning anything and therefore was going to hold difficult child for a week. Before the judge arrived, the po had talked to the court appointed attorney and me to let us know what he was going to do. The attorney was going to ask the judge to release difficult child to me or whatever but the po asked me if i had any ideas of what he should do with difficult child. The po thinks difficult child is hanging around very dangerous people and told me if he continous what he is doing, there is no telling what will happen to him.

    Anyway, difficult child had told the lawyer that if he was released instead of being held in jail he would accept going to rehab. So i told the po that i could start looking for a rehab centre, in which case the po would recommend to the judge that if i found one, then difficult child would be released to go there wheneverthat happens and he agreed.

    So now, i am looking for a treatment centre and when i find one we will go back to the judge tommorrow. Meanwhile, difficult child is sleeping in county jail until then. Whew! I feel for difficult child but i am glad in a way that at last he is going to get help. For those who live in Massachusetts or other states sorrounding and know a good affordable treatment centre, please pm me with a name.
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    Will do right now!!! I actually grew up with someone that runs a centre. At least, he used to run it, I think he is a counselor now. But I have a name and a Facebook link that I will send you. Happy for you that he has a chance!!! My difficult child seems to think if she just lets time go by without paying her fine, or doing her community service, that it will just "go away" and they will drop it since it was only for shoplifting. I pray she is wrong.
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    HHE good luck in finding a center, it sounds like PG has a good lead. You now know why the PO was so angry. difficult child sounds like he is willing to go to treatment just so he doesn't have to go to jail. Well that's ok, we will take that for now, but hopefully while he is there he will decide there are other reasons why he should be there.

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    Oh wow ...hope the center you find is a great match for him. Lots of people enter as the lesser of evils. It's a start. Hugs
  5. I never thought it would be this hard to find a treatment centre. For two days, i searched non-stop for private or public and couldn't find anything with an opening in massachusetts but found one private in connecticut. Unfortunately, when i ran it through with the po, he said he was going to talk to the supervisor about it and come back to me, only to say it's not accepbtable. Luckily, difficult child's lawyer had talked to a director of a program that's in a neighbouring town and the director told him this afternoon that he was going to find space for difficult child in the centre that he heads. On tuesday, he will give us the acceptance letter to take to court so difficult child can get out. It's a 3-6 months program and is for young men 18-24. My church pastor - who used to be addicted to cocaine for many years also reffered me to two other christian based centres farther from our area and i am thinking of visiting one of them on monday. At least there is some hope, but difficult child will have to be in jail for the whole weekend plus monday which is a holiday.

    But i felt so overwhelmed this evening and even cried for a bit. It's really stressful when i think of difficult child being in jail and the path that has led him there. You expect difficulties to befall your children when they are maturing and making mistakes but never in a million years would i have envisioned this scenario. So please keep my difficult child in your thoughts and prayers.