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    You will notice that I updated my signature and added Ritalin to the list of medications that difficult child takes.

    His neuropsychologist testing resulted in that he is super focused at times and has a hard time focusing at other times so we decided to try a four hour dose of Ritalin in the afternoon to see if that will help him with the afternoon classes.

    His grades have improved as well as his attitude towards homework. He gets home and straight to the homework with no tempers about it being too difficult. So very cool after the last few years of frustration over him saying something is too hard (he just couldn't focus on it).

    After about a week, we decided to add the morning dose to help him with morning classes.

    We kept the four hour dose for a few reasons. The main is that this can be an appetite surpressor and we were seeing a decrease in appetite with the afternoon dose. difficult child does not have weight to loose so it was a little worrisome to me to think he would be on something that would decrease his appetite. We give his morning dose about 7:30 which is out of his system at 11:30 and he eats lunch at 12:30. Afternoon dose at 1:00.

    The second reason I like the two doses is that it can be more controlled by the day's activities. If he does not have school in the morning or afternoon, he does not need that medication in his system.

    You haven't seen me much on the forum because things are going very well here so I don't write much about us but do jump on occassionally to try to keep up with what is going on out there.

    The appointment with therapist the other day went very well. therapist was able to get difficult child to understand how he was taking the fun out of his shooting. He told difficult child that if he could make it fun again (stop focusing on the grandest prize and being perfect) that he will be able to relax and will most likely start doing well again. We will see how Tuesday night goes and then decide if he gets to participate in the State tournament on Saturday or not.

    We also should hear soon if he qualifies for State bowling on May 1st. We have a bike route for him to get to the bowling alley this summer and have purchased an unlimited bowling pass ($49.95) that he can go anytime of open bowling May 1st - August 31st. He has a locker at the bowling alley to keep the pass in so we will not loose it. We easily spend $15 each time he bowls during open bowl so this will be paid off in about 3 or 4 visits to the alley.

    I did get word that difficult child will not be allowed in the concession stand to help me set up and clean up. (one of my Summer "hobby" jobs) Laws state you have to be 14 years old to work (even volunteer) so maybe next year. He is disappointed at that but looking forward to watching the races. His concern was, "Mom, do I get in free again?" "What! You never got in free! Oh, wait a minute, yes, you did get in free but that was because you were young enough, not because I work there. You will have to pay to get in this year!" Diva will be coming through when the ticket gates open so she can bring him at that time (I will be there a few hours earlier). Diva will be running the cash register for the stand so it will be nice working with her and I have four other girls to help make the food and clean up.

    The best part about this Summer is..... I don't need to line up someone to watch difficult child. He can be home alone and he now has a cell phone so I can keep in tabs. The first summer in years and years that I have faced without that stressor. (It helps that I only work until 12:30 and am wondering if I should switch my hours to start 1/2 hour earlier at 8:00 to be done at 12:00 noon? hmmm, still thinking on that one - getting going in the mornings is not my strong suite anymore - use to be.)
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    Glad to hear things are going so well:)
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    That is so cool. On a personal level I was happy to hear your report about the ritalin as we are considering it. The appetite suppressant side effect would not be an unwelcome one for us. Truly, I'm thrilled to hear this report, Andy. Hugs, ML